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We are David and Katrina Rainoshek, the Founders of Juice Feasting, and we are so glad you are here! You have reached the Login and Registration page. You can use the easy Login and Registration buttons above for free and paid member access to all our Programs and Courses.

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We are here for YOU. If you have any Juice Feasting questions, make sure you have taken David’s free How to Juice Feast Course AND joined the free Juice Feasting Motivation Group first, then please contact us here.

Welcome to Juice Feasting: An idea whose time has come!

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Right here you can learn everything about our Programs, including how to Register and Get Started:

How to Juice Feast: David’s Definitive Guide (Free)

+ How to Juice Feast: David’s Definitive Guide (Free Signup Page)
+ How to Juice Feast: David’s Definitive Guide (The Material for Members)

This is a comprehensive Guide for your Juice Feast. It’s free, and everyone joins this!

The Juice Feasting Motivation Group (Free)

+ The Juice Feasting Motivation Group

Here you can meet a growing global community of Juice Feasters who are posting their Progress Photos and experience. This is a place where we support each other right where we are at, and celebrate one another’s transformations through Juice Feasting and Beyond the Feast. Check it out! It’s free!

The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program (Membership)

+ The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program (The Story)
+ The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program (The Program Outline)

This is the legendary Program founded by David Rainoshek, M.A. in 2004. A Nutrition Mastery Course for everyone, whether you are Juice Feasting or just empowering your health and your life with superior nutrition, information, and Life Practices.

The Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar

+ The Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar (Overview and Signup) with David Rainoshek and Mike Adams
+ The Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar (The Material for Members)

David and Mike did this 6+ hour Power Seminar on Juice Feasting together at Mike’s house in Tucson in 2008. No fat here - this is a significant seminar and conversation on how to overcome one’s own health challenges, transcend the bad news side of Big Food and Big Pharma, and take back your healing power that has always been yours. Don’t miss it.

The B12 Exposed Webinar and Course

+ The B-12 Exposed Webinar by David Rainoshek, M.A. (Free!)

If you are low in energy, have chronic inflammation, poor digestion, cranky sleep, low iron, and may have been diagnosed with a low thyroid… You probably want your MOJO back. Join this hour of power on B-12 with all the latest research from David Rainoshek. Don’t miss it. It’s free.

The HyperLearning Webinar and Course

+ The HyperLearning Program by David Rainoshek, M.A.

YOU already have a learner’s mind and see the enormous potential of accessing everything now available to us… cultures, wisdom traditions, technologies, communities, books, ideas, courses… but you want to learn like Neo in the Matrix and create with an Einstein Brain.

David’s full reveal on how he learns and creates so much… anyone can learn how). The 90-minute webinar is entirely free.

Books and Writings

You can also browse all our Books and Writings here.

So, a Green Juicy welcome to Juice Feasting! If you have any questions, want to get to know us better, read what Juice Feasters and our Colleagues experience and report about Juice Feasting, browse through the Connect tab at the top-right of this page!