Our Heartfelt Mission: This is IT

Our Mission is OUR Mission, together.

The BEST interview question we were ever asked is: "What is the hardest thing about Juice Feasting and changing your diet?"

Sounds simple, right? It must be missing our favorite foods or restaurants, or being asked the where do you get your protein question, or maybe it's cleaning the Juicer. 

But we know what your honest answer would be... and it's OUR answer too...

It's seeing all the unnecessary suffering out there.

We all find it devastating to the Soul: How profoundly sick our societies have become in the last 50 years, all because of our food (our frankenfood). It's unbelievable. We lack fundamental sources of knowledge about healing and health that should be our birthright. 

Just take a walk in any public space: as a compassionate person, witnessing the abundance of ill health breaks your heart again and again.

So that's the hardest thing... "What's the BEST thing about Juice Feasting and Deep Food Nutrition?"

That EVERYONE has the capacity to heal.

That people and our bodies are amazing. That the process of discovery, healing, success, and the joy of being well is incredible, indescribable, and sublime. To witness the transformation of others' lives and see them live their best life is among the greatest blessings.

To that end, with the 6th New Edition of Juice Feasting, we are reaffirming our roots in making Juice Feasting available and accessible to all: As a Practice, a Library of research & information, a fountain of inspiration, and a wellspring of support.

We've designed Juice Feasting to keep you up-to-date and inspired in your own health, and to be a shining light for our communities. Here's how we're sticking to our roots and making it happen:

1. ONE: Free Membership in The Juice Feasting Motivation Group
2. TWO: Free Membership in How to Juice Feast: David's Definitive Guide
3. THREE: Juice Feasting Membership for just $36/month. 

That's right. Just $36/month. The same Membership price from 2007. Your Hawaiian Pineapple may cost more today than it did in 2007, but with Juice Feasting, we're sticking to our roots and our Mission: to make our community, library, inspiration, research updates, Live Q&A, and professional support more accessible than ever. You can get in right here:

(You can see our entire Trainings Overview page on JuiceFeasting.com right here.)

If our food and health are going to be the consciousness changing catalysts of our time (as many vision), then it is imperative that Deep Nutrition and its benefits be not merely available, but accessible to all.

A Way must be provided that is accessible (considering our true life realities: financial, time, family, history, and work) that ALL of us can - at home - taking care of our daily responsibilities, transform our health challenges significantly, pushing the reset button on our physiology and training our whole being at the cellular, emotional, and spiritual levels to ask for the best foods and generate the best health possible.

To that end, we are presenting JUICE Feasting as a potent means for this level of transformation for you, and our whole society.

We are in this together, and we are devoted to you.

David and Katrina Rainoshek - Juice Feasting.png
David Rainoshek