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Angela Stokes


“When David Rainoshek first started speaking to me about living on just juice for 92 Days, I thought it sounded outlandish and totally unrealistic. I was also ready, however, for some deep detox and cleansing of my system. The more I listened to him, the more it started to make sense and before long, I found myself embarking on my own three month Feast, sharing the journey with the world as I went, via my blog.

I’d already been raw for 4.5 years when I started Juice Feasting – I’d already lost over 160lbs of excess fat and toxins, just from eating raw. Yet I still had a LOT of detox to unfold, having weighed nearly 300lbs at my heaviest, just a few years earlier. My Juice Feast was a completely phenomenal, life-transforming experience for me. People don’t tend to come out the other side of living on ‘just’ juice for three months without having experienced some pretty major life shifts…and my experience was no exception to this.

I lost a further 18lbs, released a lot more ‘emotional baggage’ and was, to my utter surprise, still having solid bowel movements, 92 days into this process… :O If that doesn’t tell us something about how much waste there is to release from our systems, I’m not sure what would… 

Since my own Juice Feast, I have guided countless others along this path to more vibrant health. I feel Juice Feasting is such an incredible healing tool and thoroughly encourage people to make use of it and set out on their own juicy journey.”

Angela Stokes on learning about Juice Feasting from Master Coach and Founder, David Rainoshek in Arizona, USA in 2006.

Award-winning raw food author and lifestyle consultant Angela Stokes lost an incredible 160lbs with a raw lifestyle, reversing morbid obesity.

29-year-old Angela started eating raw in May 2002 and has spent the last five years exploring and promoting raw foods and natural healthcare for weight loss.

Her website, RawReform, shares her own amazing story of recovery, along with guidance and inspiration for others. Angela offers e-books, retreats, consultations and lectures internationally on raw foods.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


I’ve personally found Juice Feasting to be nothing less than life changing. Once I tried this for three days, I was hooked. I’ve now been on a modified Juice Feast ever since I met David Rainoshek. It has become my new, healthy lifestyle. I believe Juice Feasting is the future of medicine, healing, and overall health.

It’s rare for something to come along that impresses me so much as a healing modality that it instantly changes my own life habits.

I believe it’s not only a cure for many cancers, it’s also a documented, proven cure for type-2 diabetes (a disease the American Diabetes Association laughingly claims “has no cure”). It can also completely reverse heart disease, depression, most mood disorders, liver disease, kidney stones, chronic inflammation, arthritis, gout, urinary tract infections, asthma and numerous other health conditions. 

All the best, Mike Adams, NaturalNews

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“This has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!”

Dear David and Katrina,

I have just watched the last Juice Luck video, and as always it was a pleasure to keep up to date with everyone. I noted your comments on that there had been about 20 (I think) people who had finished the 92 day feast to date.

I just thought I’d comment that I’ve been there with you guys all the way, I’m on day 81 today and will definitely go the whole 92, have even scheduled a few days away in nature for breaking the feast, but due to my really busy schedule, I’ve kept abreast of all the news/blogs.

I just want to thank you both for such an amazing program. You really are contributing so much to the global shift in consciousness and this has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually.

I am a natural therapy practitioner and teacher myself and this will certainly have a knock on effect on all my clients to whom I’ve been “spreading the word” along the way. I will definitely do the program again in the future!

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to humanity and may you both have many blessings on your journey through life.

With much light to you both, Sarah

“So here I am feeling on my top form…”

David and Katrina!

I am on day 18 now and feeling AMAZING!

The difference between Juice Feasting and fasting is major and I recommend this route for anyone wanting to deep cleanse their body. I just want to stress to you guys how important it is to cleanse your bowel during a detox ( I am a colonic therapist so you might say it's a professional obsession with me, but really it makes all the difference). The healing crises that are associated with fasting are just non existent when you Juice FEAST and properly support your body's elimination…. I am amazed at what keeps coming forth after 18 days of Juice Feasting!

So here I am feeling on my top form - I believe this is due to 2 factors: the abundance of nutrients in my 4+ litres of juice and regular cleansing of my system. I have been working 5+ days a week from 10am to 8pm, cycling daily, doing some yoga and chasing after my daughter in my spare time...still feeling good!

Dominika Joseph


“I know I will never be the same”

I have been reading the comments you are leaving, and I have to say I LOVE you guys  It’s day 6 for me and I have waves of bliss, ecstacy, and divine grace filling my body. Thank you so much for crating this safe haven for transformation, I know I will never be the same.

Kristi, USA

“I also want to say thank you for the support”

Thanks for writing me back its good to have people that are around to lend a helping hand. I also want to say thank you for the support through blogs and your web site for everyone doing the Juice Feast. I am 25 and have been obese my whole life, and to have the support and charisma is by far one of the most important ingredients in being successful. I can’t wait until I have successfully completed my 92 days to show everyone the new me, and to finally be at peace with myself. You guys ROCK!!!!

With Juicy Love, Andria

“I’m in awe of the enormity of the task you have undertaken”

Dear Katrina and David,

I just wanted you to know that I LIVE for your videos and the support materials you are providing. I’m in awe of the enormity of the task you have undertaken on our/the planet’s behalf and your ability to synthesize material from such diverse sources into the tangible.

Additional thanks for tackling the difficult subjects e.g. enemas. How ever did you manage to do it clinically and with great humor. I loved seeing George Bush as the test subject.

A huge thank yoooouuuuuu! ~ Suzanne


“My chiropractor said she will refer some of her clients with the same issues to Juice Feasting! :)”

Hi David and Katrina!

I just thought I would tell you, I went for my regular chiropractic adjustment today and my chiropractor was blown away by how great my skin is looking. She asked me more details on juice feasting and asked if anyone was guiding me through this.

I of course told them all about my two juicy angels in Arizona (...you guys!) and I told her I would give her more information next time (I'll print out the Global Juice Feast announcement for her office).

She said she will refer some of her clients with the same issues to Juice Feasting! :)

Juicy power! :)

Ben K.

“I completed my first 92 day Juice Feast this past month and would recommend it to anyone.”

Dear Katrina and David,

I completed my first 92 day Juice Feast this past month and would recommend it to anyone. I feel fantastic and agree with Anne the Juice Feast site is an amazing support system to anyone going through the process. I was hesitant at first to join the pay site but, was encouraged to by a fellow Feaster the week before I began and am so glad I did. The wealth of information I had access to Day to Day was amazing. I also checked out the free Global Juice Feast site on an almost daily basis and met some really great people who offered support and encouragement.

“Berry Blue Toes”

“I believe Juice Feasting is going to cause a revolution in health care.”

You guys are awesome and I believe Juice Feasting is going to cause a revolution in health care and possibly be a major turning point in history because of it's vast potential to heal & rejuvenate. Juice Feasting is probably the only answer when people can't get the conventional solutions they expect. A lot of Boomers will be on their own and just maybe they will be lucky enough to find Juice Feasting.

Thanks for the site - youse guys are awesome! - Dan

“I’m on my 30th day, lost 20 lbs.”

Dear David and Katrina,

Thanks for the information! I’m interested in the new juices. I’m on my 30th day, lost 20 lbs. removing toxins from my liver and other organs, getting my lymph to move, feel wonderful, never hungry. Not bad for 60!!

I have been using so much of the information on the 92 Day Program. I’ve started using the Thyroid drink with radishes.

My daughter, who is currently living in London, UK (I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is the one who mentioned this to me. She’s Juice Feasting too!

Great job you guys!!!! ~ Jeannie

“…what an amazing speaker you are.”


I just want you to know what an amazing speaker you are. I have seen some of the biggest names out there speaking and you are SO up there with them..I was just amazed by the power behind your words.

T.B., Patagonia, Arizona, at the Raw Spirit Festival 2007


“I feel very fortunate to have access to your guidance!”

Hi, David and Katrina.

I’m on Day Five of my first Juice Feast. While I respect your privacy and need for space while you yourselves are cleansing, I can’t suppress the impulse to write to thank you for your comprehensive website and your enthusiastic support of those looking for incredible health.

You give us a wealth of information without inundating us with empty rhetoric or hyperbole, you share honestly about your own experiences, you incorporate humor, and you offer opportunities to hear from others on this or similar paths. I’m sure you know already how valuable and groundbreaking your work is. I just want to add my voice to the choir singing your praises.

I wish you continued joy and success. I feel very fortunate to have access to your guidance!

Sincerely, Prudence

“thank you DAVID & KATRINA for providing this forum.”

Hi David & Katrina,

Just yesterday my 6 cds arrived with "The Secrets of Juice Feasting!"

That's how I heard of joining this forum of the March 2008 Juice Feast. I have been ritualistically getting myself prepared for my own 92 days, and wanted the cds to catapult my decision to true vibrant health. I purchased all the basics I will need, however, I didn't think I would have the "stay power" doing it alone. So thank you DAVID & KATRINA for providing this forum.

I'm heading out the door for more veggies, fruit, and hemp oil. Thank you all!

- Genine on the 2008 Global Juice Feast

“Wow, your website has changed my life!”

Wow, your website has changed my life! You are both an inspiration to the world and everything in it. The wealth of information and wonderful videos have empowered me to make true shifts in my health, both mentally and physically.

It is my desire to inspire others to overcome their health challenges and let them in on how my journey is going. So instead of just showing my friends and family my daily Juice Feasting blog I would like to share with you both too.

Also, if you have any tips or would like to share your thoughts with me about ANYTHING, I would love to hear from you both. My goal is to overcome candida!

Love and hugs, Kate, Australia

90-Day Juice Feast: Reluctant Dad

"I don't know if I should Tell you this, but I don't think I am going to need back surgery. My Back doesn't hurt much anymore." - Day 43

Dad Rainoshek Before-After.png


  • Overweight

  • Back Pain - 3 different doctors called for surgery

  • Standard American Diet

  • Angry/Agitated

  • Sleeping 8 Hours but tired


  • 45 lbs weight loss!

  • No Need For Surgery

  • Lacto/Ovo/Pesco/Pollo Vegetarian

  • Anger/Agitation GONE

  • Sleeping 8 hours, energetic

  • Threw out the Grill!

“It freed me from 20 YEARS of chronic and debilitating fatigue and adrenal problems!”

Hello David!

THANK YOU so much for your life’s work! I am sincerely grateful for you and all you have helped me with. I completed a 92 day juice feast last fall and it freed me from 20 YEARS of chronic and debilitating fatigue and adrenal problems not to mention a huge addiction to stimulants just so that I could stay awake in my day job! The juices were a miracle that I prayed for and was so amazed to receive!

You blessed my life David! I thank God for you so much!

I can’t tell you how alone I am in my search for health and how much it has helped me change for the better to stumble across your information!

Much much love to you and your sweet family!

From Ruthie, Santa Rosa, California, USA

“Thanks for inspiring me in becoming a hero. “


I was able to download some great documents. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing all this information in the Juice Feasting Preparation Course for free! And with the 92-Day Program I can access even more interesting stuff. Also, your presentation at the Raw Spirit Fest was very moving and inspiring.

Thanks for inspiring me in becoming a hero.

Blessings, please continue your great amazing inspiring work! I love it!!!"

Debbie- Ontario, Canada

“I’ve gotten off my anti-depressants AND all my bio-identical hormone replacements.”

Dear David and Katrina,

I’ve been following your juice feast program for 9 days now. I’ve been searching for the right solution to my health issues and I now know what I need to do. It’s shocking that there is so much mis-information out there.

Even after such a short time on the juice feast, I’ve gotten off my anti-depressants AND all my bio-identical hormone replacements without any menopausal side effects. Wow! And I’ve lost 7 pounds.

And that nasty black plaque came out of my colon exactly like the photos you posted!

In the next few days I’ll break below the 200 pound mark for the first time in several years. It’s so exciting! This is a radical shift for me.

Thank you so much!!!

Marguerite, Ladera Ranch, California, USA

“I was (seemingly) hopelessly addicted to drugs”

Thank you so much.

I must also thank you for sharing your knowledge and ways. I have been a vegan since April and I just began my first Juice Feast yesterday just after a week of going raw. Before April I was (seemingly) hopelessly addicted to drugs and had poor eating and thinking habits. It finally occurred to me what I was doing to my body and my being and my surroundings.

Ever since then I’ve been longing for something like this, and I have never been so psyched for anything or event in my entire life. I can’t thank you enough. Way to be, man.

Namaste, Shannon


“What an amazing source of info!”

That’s an awesome site you’ve got going…

I just spent most of tonight watching and reading and have barely scraped the surface.

What an amazing source of info! Thank you both for being so thoughtful in providing this knowledge and in getting back to people, and basically just sharing your life experience with us all!

It’s all very encouraging for me 

Have a great day… Sean

“Of everything I knew about Whole Foods, Raw, Vegan Nutrition, this is absolutely the next step…”

I would just like to take a moment to reflect upon this whole process.......AMAZING!!!!! One of the best things I have done for myself to date. A true culmination of so much that I have learned over the years, tidied into a brilliantly laid out, beautiful, rational package of such love, abundance and full-hearted-ness.

Of everything I knew about Whole Foods, Raw, Vegan Nutrition, this is absolutely the next step, the thing to take it all to the next level as a platform for life transformation. In the process of committing to and following a largely self-directed juicing protocol, I willingly crawled out of my safe cave into a community of some of the most open-hearted, generous, benevolent creatures I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. I also stepped unwittingly into a public persona that has given me tremendous pleasure and courage, self-confidence and humility.

The information matrix that is Juice Feasting, and the paradigm of nutrition and personal/global health that surrounds it resonates with me deeply to my core, and so inspires me to incorporate it on a fundamental level in my professional work with clients, whether it be bodywork, energy work, or acupuncture.

Finding a teacher in David Rainoshek is the answer to a specific request I have had pending with the universe for some time now. I am ecstatically overwhelmed with all the directions I want to go in, from here, the center point that keeps madly multiplying. My joy is great, my inspiration abundantly fueled, my satisfaction fulfilled and overflowing, and my time....I want more! I think I shall never be bored again for as long as I live, and that is a wondrous thing. I have endless relationships that I would like to cultivate, new friends in several countries to visit, personal and professional dreams to manifest, and delicious, divine green food to make it all happen, with grace, serenity, and delight!


“You and Katrina changed the path of my life”

Hey David and Katrina!

You and Katrina changed the path of my life a few years back with your Juice Feasting Program. I started with a 13 day Juice Feast. I then went from Vegan to Raw Vegan and recently became a Certified Raw Nutritionist and am sharing juice feasting and the power of a raw, plant based diet with anyone who wants to learn.

So, thank-you for your inspiration and support. I wish you all the happiness, health, love and success in the world :)

I wonder how many lives you and Katrina have changed… and I smile :)  Thanks again :)

Natalie on Facebook

“I am now On Day 9 and I am already feeling good things happen to me.”

David and Katrina,

I just wanted to pop in here to say thanks for this juice feasting. I love the websites and all you have done. I was just listening to the 6 cd set on juice feasting again. I have done that about 10 times Since I have bought it. I am now On Day 9 and I am already feeling good things happen to me. I have so much more energy now. I did and hour and a half of exercise today and Never even got sore. I felt so much Stronger too.

This will change the way I eat for the rest of my life. So thank you so much for having this up here and getting so many people doing this too. I love to share with them too.

Doug in Calif.
Living and loving life the way it was meant to be!


“I feel that the Juice Feasting site that the Rainoshek's have designed is a fantastic support tool.”

On May 3, I started a Juice Feast and went through 17 glorious days. The only reason I decided to Close the Juice Feast, was because I was tabling at the AlternaTeva Fair and I had to taste the food that I was going to sell.

Although I didn't blog each day, I feel that the Juice Feast did exactly what the Rainosheks said it would do. It "reset" my system and I no longer crave bread!!!!!!! This was one of the best things for me--- I used to "pig out" on breads, especially here in Israel where one can smell all different kinds baking everywhere. And, for Shabbat (the Holy Sabbath), it is a Mitzvah to eat it on both Friday night and Saturday for lunch, although it doesn't have to be a large piece.

I feel that the Juice Feasting site that the Rainoshek's have designed is a fantastic support tool and kept me in synch each day that I Juice Feasted.

Well, I better get some rest, as I am doing a Raw Foods / Yoga retreat in Jerusalem tomorrow!

Chana R.M.

You've blown me away. I am so very grateful.

David, thank you *SO* much!!  You've blown me away. I am so very grateful. I appreciate the gift very much, as I'm learning so much from your compilations!  Thank you for all you and Katrina have done for the raw community... 

Shine on!   ~Kat

“I have already felt a shift in my psyche”


I have already felt a shift in my psyche and somehow feel lighter and clearer about what it is that I need to embrace within my heart to have vibrant health. My intuition got super clear and I have already set out a new years cleanse to follow and lovingly enjoy. Believe it or not but I feel that at present I have everything I need to proceed, I think I just needed the re-connection like a moth to the flame I needed ignition and this is exactly what you did!!!!!


And Health Experts Love Juice Feasting™ Too!

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. MD(H)

“Juice Feasting is a very effective way to help people regain their health and lose weight over a safe extended period of time while still maintaining their work, family, and worldly responsibilities.

I recommend Juice Feasting in There is a Cure for Diabetes as part of our one-year follow-up program for those who are overweight or who have Sydrome X to help them upgrade their health to their highest genetic potential. Juice Feasting is a safe and powerful way to reverse most chronic diseases that people have created through a lifestyle of Crimes Against Wisdom. From a world cultural point of view, David Rainoshek’s presentations of Juice Feasting and the Four Means to Get Your Greens are important tools for helping people make a solid and stable transition from the Culture of Death to the Culture of Life lifestyle and cuisine that remains stable.”

Gabriel Cousens, M.D
Medical Director, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Arizona, USA


Brigitte Mars


“When I was in my early twenties, I discovered a large lump in my breast. I went to three different doctors, and each one more adamantly proclaimed that I needed to have surgery to have the lump removed. I made an appointment. The weekend before the surgery, a friend suggested that I do a 40 day juice fast. He even offered to do it with me to lend support. I made the decision to postpone the surgery and try the juice fast. I dove into making fresh made juices, mostly vegetable and some days of all fruit. After the third day, I was not hungry and during the cleanse I had so much energy and vitality. By day 21, the lump had totally disappeared! I continued my commitment to the 40 days. I never had the surgery, or a re-occurrence.

I am a believer in Juice Feasting! It works!”

Many blessings, Brigitte Mars, Author
+ Beauty by Nature
+ The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine
+ Addiction Free Naturally
+ Sex, Love and Health
+ Healing Herbal Teas

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D.


“Juice Feasting is a lovely terminology. Rather than deprivation, fasting, suffering, and all the old terms were out there in the field… I think that the new generation has given us some bright light on the subject.

On the first day people come in and they're new to this diet, they all think, "I'm going to starve, I can't do this." But by the third day, practically everyone, even the big over-eaters, say, "Oh my God! I'm not even hungry!"

If one is Juice Feasting on Green Juices, and particularly sprout juices, they are very high in protein. There is a major biochemical component of protein that will regulate the blood sugar and diminish the desire for food... complete protein juices that are completely digestible go into the bloodstream and regulate the blood sugar, and that is extremely helpful...”

Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA

Carrie Cegelis, M.S., L.Ac., L.M.T., BCST

"This jeweled journey has been paved with revelation and insight, and its true heart - life transformation through the embrace of loving nutrition, speaks in crystal clear language to the passionate nutritionist in my soul.

The empowering process of Juice Feasting has gently escorted fear out of my path, so that I may step with newfound courage into a greater potential that has been brewing under the surface, awaiting its point of entry. What better way to act upon this inner conversation than to offer loving encouragement to others contemplating the invitation to their own greatness?

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have stumbled upon the gem of Juice Feasting as a potent tool to carve away the chaff of life with ease, grace, beauty, efficiency, not to mention delicious juice(!), and it is with deep satisfaction and joy that I offer assistance to those feeling the longing for more, the abundance of life."

Carrie Cegelis, M.S.
Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York, NY)

Carrie Cegelis.png

Dorit, The Raw Lifestyle Film Festival

I found Juice Feasting to be the perfect antedote to a growing malaise I had been experiencing for sometime prior to commencing the Juice Feast in November 2007.

While Juice Feasting, my energies soared. This despite the fact that as a vegan live foods chef and eater, I had constant energy throughout the day, before commencing the juice feast.

During, and since then, I have looked so much more refreshed and rested that most people around me are absolutely astonished. For me, the greatest benefit was that I was motivated to put nourishment into my body. I had been toying with the idea of going on a water fast since I had lost interest in all solid foods and no matter what I did, I was unable to restore an appetite for solid foods. Because of my work schedule, however, and with the approaching winter I thought a water fast was unwise to do just then. Along came David and Katrina and offered me a gift of Juice Feasting. I immediately welcomed it, even though as a juice fiend, I had been juicing regularly. I absolutely loved the Juice Feast and thrived on it. I felt so rehydrated though and so thoroughly enjoyed creating “new” juices that I had hitherto overlooked!

Many, many Thanks Katrina and David. I feel that this is one of the best investments of time, energy and money that we can make and I highly commend you for the detailed applications of the programme which go so far beyond just the juices!!

In Gratitude and Joy,
Raw Lifestyle Film Festival Creator and Organizer
Author of Celebrating Our Raw Nature 1 & 2


Dr. Jameth Sheridan, ND.


“Nothing cleanses, heals, nourishes, and rebuilds a body like a comprehensive superfood juice cleanse… and Juice Feasting is a stellar superfood juice cleanse.

When you flood your body with the huge quantity and quality of nutrients that Juice Feasting provides, you heal on unprecedented levels.

These elements include structured, low surface tension water from fresh juices that unclump the red blood cells that flow through your veins. Unlike, water fasting (which, although it has helped very many, I consider it barbaric by comparison) or single cleanses (just colon, just kidney, just liver, etc.), the Juice Feasting program is comprehensive. It addresses all avenues of detoxification and elimination, while simultaneously providing complete nutrition with the combined elements from both the juices and superfoods.

You stop living a toxic lifestyle and start living regenerating one. The Juice Feasting program goes far beyond just giving you a taste of cleansing and rebuilding, it is hard core healing. It immerses you in a lifestyle that can save your life!”

Bring on the Juice!
Jameth Sheridan, N.D.
Founder, HealthForce Superfoods


Cathy Silvers (Jenny Piccolo from Happy Days)

David Rainoshek, you are a Master of Vegan Live-Food Nutrition!

I thank you for all your excellent research and assistance on this book (Happy Days, Healthy Living).

On to the future of living foods and the healing powers of Juice Feasting!

Cathy Silvers
Happy Days, Healthy Living

Dr. Fred Bisci, PhD

“I’ve known thousands of people over the last 40 years that have been juice fasting, but nobody really got into Juice Feasting, where you could drink large amounts of juice to help them be able to function while they were on a liquid diet and feel comfortable, create satiety, and be satisfied.

I think the Juice Feast works better than the juice fast because it seems to enhance the person’s brain chemistry. [Juice Feasting] also means a lot less detoxification symptoms because of the juices are really alkalizing. You have a good idea, and I encourage people to do it!

You’re going to heal a lot of people doing this. You are an inspiring young man.”

Dr. Fred Bisci, PhD