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You are now on the shiny, New 6th Edition of Juice Feasting (1st edition: 2004). Below you will find a comprehensive overview of all our Trainings, Courses, and Programs. Please feel free to browse through below for more info and to Get Started.

Let’s get into transformative Life Practices!

If you want to heal your body, sharpen your mind, be incredibly self-reliant, and create and self-actualize at the cutting edge… in short, if you’re ready to take it to next level – that is at the heart of our Mission, and we are in this together!

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How to Juice Feast: David’s Definitive Guide (FREE Membership)

YOU are ready for some serious healing of your body and your diet, and would like significant traction with a program that gets you not double, but  quintuple credit (or more) towards your overall health.

You know juicing is amazing, but would like to know how to dial up the old juice fast into something MORE – that you can do while going to work, taking care of your family, and that has massive across-the-board results for your body, mind, diet, and longevity.

Everybody on joins this. Over 250,000 people have Juice Feasted since 2004 with David’s Definitive Guide for How to Juice Feast.

How to Juice Feast | Free Membership
How to Juice Feast: David’s Definitive Guide | The Guide

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The Juice Feasting Motivation Group! (Free)

Here you can meet a growing global community of Juice Feasters who are posting their Progress Photos and experience. This is a place where we support each other right where we are at, and celebrate one another’s transformations through Juice Feasting and Beyond the Feast. This is also a great place to go if you are new to Juice Feasting, and just want to see the progress, results, and vibe of the community. Check it out! It’s free!

The Juice Feasting Motivation Group


The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program!

The Renowned Course in Health Mastery for Everyone.

A very important aspect of The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program is its design as a Daily Course to keep you focused and growing in knowledge each Day of your Juice Feast. The Program is a training in mastery of the most important health and nutrition subjects that are essential for your life.

The information you receive on the Juice Feasting Program has been collected from thousands of resources, including books, online resources, interviews, class lectures, and personal discussions with top colleagues in the field.

We believe this knowledge to be priceless, as the thing of most fundamental value to each and every one of us is our own personal health.

The Course is designed so that you don’t have to gather the information yourself through costly book-buying, hours of internet research, and conversations with people who may or may not have the latest or most advantageous information for you.

Juice Feasting Founders David and Katrina Rainoshek invest each day updating the Course’s thousands of private research files, videos, interviews, articles and resources across the Spectrum of Diet, Health, and Nutrition in order to bring to you the cutting edge of nutritional and health research.

The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program | The Story | Join
The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program | Outline

If you already know you want to join, here you go!

The Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar!

YOU are looking for some serious motivation to heal yourself, and you know Juice Feasting is going to be very important for you.

In this audio seminar, David Rainoshek, M.A. (the creator of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program) and Mike Adams reveal The Secret of Juice Feasting: What it is, how to do it, and the many ways in which this simple lifestyle change causes the body to heal itself from the inside out while eliminating the underlying causes of virtually all degenerative disease. You will learn how to completely transform your health in just 92 days by taking advantage of nature’s most powerful healing juices.

The information in this 6-hour Seminar is based on professional experience with thousands of participants who have reversed diabetes, halted cancer, dropped excess body fat, eliminated arthritis pain, reversed heart disease and greatly enhanced the quality of their lives through Juice Feasting.

This simple, safe and natural therapy is easy to follow (you can make it in your own kitchen) and offers more healing potential than any medication. It’s not a “fast” and you don’t have to deprive your body of the nutrition it needs. It’s a “feast!”)

The Secret of Juice Feasting | Seminar (Overview)
The Secret of Juice Feasting | Seminar (Member Page)


The B-12 Exposed Webinar and Course!

YOU are low in energy, have chronic inflammation, poor digestion, cranky sleep, low iron, and may have been diagnosed with a low thyroid. Perhaps your diet has been plant-based for some time and you are wondering why you aren’t feeling better. You want your MOJO back.

We suggest you check out David’s Free B-12 Exposed Webinar. 80% of us are deficient in B-12, and most of us get the wrong kind of B-12, which can be detrimental to say the least. Get the real answers from David here. The 60-minute webinar is entirely free:

The B-12 Exposed Webinar | Preview
The B-12 Exposed Webinar | Watch

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The HyperLearning Webinar and Program!

[Preview to be loaded here shortly! - David Rainoshek, M.A.]

The HyperLearning Webinar [to be loaded soon!]
The HyperLearning Program [to be loaded soon!]


The Juice Feasting Coaches’ Training (JFCT) Program!


Hey, hey, hey! You’re reading all the way down here to the Advanced Training info! Right on!

Three Semesters a year, as a Master Coach, David Rainoshek trains classes of future Professional Coaches in the Juice Feasting Coaches' Training Course.

During the Juice Feasting Coaches' Training (JFCT), not only will David train you in a professional, self-reliant career to solve for clients their most difficult life challenges, but you will be joining a skillful and resolute Team of Juice Feasting Coaches to take Juice Feasting - and your role in it - to the next stages in 2019 and 2020 and beyond.

You will know the very best of what David learned from his M.A. in Nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens plus 17 years of Juice Feasting Coaching experience with thousands of private clients and tens of thousands of hours of 1-on-1 Professional Coaching.

==> Details are available below. Spaces for these trainings are limited. If you want to guarantee your space in the next Juice Feasting Coaches' Training, contact David on the page below to reserve your space.

The Juice Feasting Coaches’ Training Program | Details