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Beginning with an early-aged health awakening, I have spent nearly two decades captivated by all facets of health and the human experience. I've been motivated by not only wanting to both understand, solve, and break the chains of my own complex health puzzle but also the undeniable higher calling to serve as a guide, teacher, and messenger to help others see themselves out of multidimensional health suffering. I’ve lived immersed in the study of the arts and sciences of 'wholistic' healing and nutrition and will help you blow away the smoke screens of confusion, contradicting information, and false knowledge so you can at last acheive the high level of vitality and self-reliance with your health that is your birthright.

As your coach, you can expect a 'zero fluff' approach and deep dive into uncovering the root causes of your concerns and weak points that will most importantly empower you to begin taking responsibility and control of your health and wellbeing. You will learn the critical basics of a lifestyle built upon sustainable practices and principles of Nature that you can use for the rest of your life to create health from the inside out.

Right from the start we'll take a comprehensive health inventory of your life and create a strategy to start actually moving the needle on your health and gaining traction with even your longest standing and stubborn challenges. Throughout our work together, which will consist of weekly video check-ins and unlimited email support, I'll show you how to deconstruct your health history, understand your body's biofeedback, and begin implementing high yield practices with your diet, movement, prudent supplementation, safe cleansing routines, and cultivating your interior landscape that make up a comprehensive foundation for lifelong health freedom.

I'll also be there to answer your questions and troubleshoot every step of the way. The goal is to finally get you off the hamster wheels of yo-yo dieting, chronic illness and medical systems so our approach will be tailored directly towards ensuring results that are sustainable and lifelong. The fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line so I teach you how to avoid the maze of wrong turns and deadends that millions of people remain trapped in for their entire life. However, my programs are not right for those that insist on quick fixes, silver bullets, or are not ready to make a serious commitment to their improvement. I am here to meet you where you are yet challenge your beliefs and help you break free of self-limitations. So if you're ready for true and lasting transformation, open to learning new approaches to health, and willing to employ patience and consistent effort then LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The most common situations I help clients overcome include but aren't limited to…

+ digestive problems of all varieties
+ overweight and metabolic slowdown
+ cravings and binge eating
+ skin conditions
+ poor sleep
+ chronic fatigue
+ joint pain and body aches
+ low self-esteem
+ anxious and depressed thought patterns
+ cognitive decline

Wherever applicable you'll receive shopping lists, supplement and cleansing outlines, as well as LIFETIME access to, the '92-Day Juice Feasting Program', a comprehensive integrative health database and access to an online community of people on a similar path for constant support. The value of this alone cannot be overstated.

Embrace the Now and look forward to the journey!

About / Background

Through the rigors of professional academia, my own self-guided pursuits, and steadfast commitment to personal practice, I have relentlessly sought out, devoured, and integrated an immeasurable amount of information that is of the traditional, ‘standard of care’, and conventionally accredited models of health and wellness as well as information not represented in mainstream, pop-culture, allopathic health conversations.

Compiled from sources and modalities ranging from ancient and modern wisdom teachings, yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and western medicine, I’ve distilled down the many intricate elements of health into some extremely simple and practical frameworks and essential life practices that I use in my own life as well as teach my clients to crack the code and unlock our own unique healing signatures and live with massive wellbeing free from avoidable health challenges and chronic illness.

I enjoy being active, spending time in nature and find pure joy cycling, hiking, and plunging in cold mountain water. I'm also an avid foodie that embraces our world of food abundance so I've learned how to easily stay fit and lean year-round and on-demand, without limiting sweet fruit, delicious carbs or restricting calories. This was a pitfall and common trap I experienced along my early journey. I strive to help others avoid this because longterm it causes so much inevitable physical and psychological suffering from the yo-yoing effect it has on our bodyweight, hormonal health, and mental-emotional wellbeing. I'm passionate about the benefits of a minimalist and mobile lifestyle that allows me to enjoy the tropics during the North American winters, the mountains of Colorado in the summers, and Canadian northwest in the fall. I shamelessly quote the Disney classics and have been known to sneak Chipotle into movie theaters. Concerts aren't my thing but rapping was a hobby of mine in a past life. I consider celery juice and a strong matcha latte the perfect start to the day and am the guy sorting through all the medjool dates in the grocery store to find the juiciest ones.

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