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“Health begins with a lifestyle, lifestyle begins with a decision - a decision is made from a motive. Let our solutions help you succeed.”

About Me

My mission and goal are to help mankind to wake up. Where our attention is, that's where we are. I work as a carer since 1995. Have seen people suffering so much that's why I am asking - Please, focus on your selves, take care of your physical - mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and stay healthy. Let's create a world of peace and increase health and happiness. Remember - health is just a choice.
Stay healthy and happy.

I was born and raised in the countryside, in the family of a teacher and a chairman of the collective community. My mother taught me her kitchen secrets and my father - to love nature.

By nature, I got a desire to learn and understand the world. That desire became my driving life force.

From an early age, I remember, I didn't like my shoes. They obstructed me. Every evening my Mom use to look for my shoos because I didn't even remember where I left them. I grew up with children of neighbors spending time gushing butterflies, looking for sorrel *spinach dock and observing raven's hatchlings. The memories are crowned by my Mom's hands, which smelled like wild strawberries. When I got a little older, Dad used to take me fishing. The silent dialogue between us has opened up spaces of this world that I know very little. But most likely for that reason, the inner desire to know my self and world around me has remained so strong till this day

My own healing story began in 2004.

At that time I was living in Chicago, IL, I got depressed, lost my energy, my sleep and the joy of life. One night I couldn't sleep. I was sitting in my rocking chair and clicking TV channels when I heard a couple of sentences about consuming milk which shook me to my core. Later that night I learn about a raw food lifestyle, movement, diet, and raw food community. It was raw food guru Karyn Calabrese, who got my attention. I couldn't wait any longer. I searched Google for a couple of days and came across David and Katrina Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting website.

I took my health challenge very seriously. I juiced for 92 Days. I followed protocol day bay day and today I know for sure that if I can do it, you can do it.

As a long-time raw food Educator since 2004 and a student of David Rainoshek, I am passionate about the work I do. I teach people how to get their health back and how to stay healthy. Juice Feasting is an amazing tool for beginners, advanced practitioners, and even for professionals.

l will finish by saying the biggest thank you to David Rainoshek because it was him who encouraged me to go deeper into the program and stay on when I got past the full 92-Day course and got my strength and health back. But most importantly, I thank my daughter Ana and Henrieta for their love, patience, understanding, and support in this journey through life. Thank you to all those who are interested in the project.

For more info and to contact me, you can visit my Facebook page

Thank you for choosing this common path. And finally, I thank my parents: Aldona and Jonas Zentalis for discovering each over... Let our world smile!

Don't be afraid of challenges. I will coach you, like so many, to get up and do it!!!

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