The Secret of Juice Feasting™ Seminar

A Powerful Expert Roundtable on Eliminating Disease in 92 Days with Nature’s Most Powerful Healing Juices.

Welcome to the Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar!

In 2007, Mike Adams invited me to his home in southern Arizona for a conversation about my life’s work: Juice Feasting. He and I had met and immediately hit it off as professional colleagues at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona. Both Mike and I share a passion for liberating people to be self-reliant and take care of their own health. To that end, we each found that education through Seminars, articles, video, books, and online Programs was a potent means to help the most people through and out of their health challenges that had often resulted from a westernized diet, uninformed or misinformed medical professionals, or just the right information or practices from the right people, at the right point in a life.

In ONE DAY, we recorded this entire Seminar, front to back, with no re-takes. I had been Professionally Coaching clients and the public on Juice Feasting deeply at this point, and Mike was on fire with his work on NaturalNews health reporting.

Each of us had our fair share of health challenges in our early years. Like so many, we had to do the hard daily work of trial and error and success until we discovered the foundational elements of healing, health, nutrition, and Life Practices that liberated us from unnecessary suffering so we could pass on what we had experienced to the benefit of others. Now YOU will benefit from our trials, our experience, our passion, and our faith in the ability of everyone to significantly transform their health challenges in service to the life each of us in in the Unique position to live in service to others.

I hope you enjoy this powerful 6-Hour Seminar Series: The Secret of Juice Feasting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally in the window to the bottom-right of this page, and I will be honored to write to you.


Yours in Health,
David Rainoshek, M.A.
Master Coach and Founder, Juice Feasting

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And now… The Secret of Juice Feasting Seminar

Hour 1: The Secret of Juice Feasting

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Introduction to The Secret of Juice Feasting. David and Mike discuss their own health histories. David tells how he discovered Juice Feasting through a trial by fire of 3 years of significant illness. Yet through Juice Feasting, he healed ailments that $50,000.00 of medical doctors could not solve.

David discusses the adaptogenic effects of Juice Feasting on sleep, weight, and much more.

Hour 2: The Secret of Juice Feasting

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Introduction to Juice Feasting as a Life Practice. We look at what Juice Feasting really is, and how to get into it. What are the benefits of Juice Feasting? Action items are reviewed for getting into the benefits as soon as possible.

David and Mike discuss The Seven Stages of Disease, including the importance of reducing inflammation with Juice Feasting.

Hour 3: The Secret of Juice Feasting

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A Day in the Life of a Juice Feaster. David covers the Morning Practices, including how to make the best juice EVER for your Juice Feast that will promote the best healing possible. David and Mike talk about their favorite ingredients for the best tasting juices.

Hour 4: The Secret of Juice Feasting

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David and Mike continue forth from Cleansing to Rebuilding every aspect of the human physiology with Juice Feasting and beyond. What kinds of rebuilding are occurring in the course of a Juice Feast?

The next topic is Rehydrate. How Juice Feasting rehydrates your body like never before, in service to Cleansing and Rebuilding.

And finally, David discusses Alkalization, and how Juice Feasting services the healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body for healing and health in every part of our bodies.

Hour 5: Healthy Weight the Healthy Way

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David and Mike review weight loss: the conventional health-less means for losing weight temporarily, and achieving Healthy Weight as long-term Way of Being.

David reviews Juice Feasting as a potent house-cleaning practice to achieve healthy weight loss, and the elements of Juice Feasting which make it a nutritionally sound and superior means of losing weight while fostering massive health benefits.

Hour 6: A Juice Feasting Review

David and Mike Adams 2008 crop.png

As David’s colleague and Juice Feasting student, Mike Adams does a recap of some of the main elements of Juice Feasting.

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