The Juice Feasting Dialogues: Courtney Pool

Welcome to the Juice Feasting Dialogues Series!

Today I am joined by Courtney Pool to talk about her experience with Juice Feasting for her own health, and as a professional coach and educator.

Courtney is a Juice Feasting practitioner and coach, an 8-year Vegan, a former staff member at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, and author of the Spirulina Recipes ebook on

As a public speaker she has addressed crowds of excited spirulina junkies and juicing aficionados at 105 degrees in Oklahoma City, the New Life Expo in NYC, and has written articles for Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life, Vegan Mainstream, and you can find the home of her own writing and teaching at

I am very glad to have her on the program as she is an amazing former student of mine on Juice Feasting and now as a colleague is a radiant, thoughtful, and passionate advocate of Juice Feasting for better health.


  • Courtney’s first experience with Juice Feasting.

  • How Juice Feasting as a Life Practice has evolved for Courtney over the years.

  • What was it like going from Juice Feasting for herself to coaching others?

  • We will consider the implications of these startling facts: 70% of Americans are overweight, the same number are using at least one pharmaceutical. 1/3 children born today will develop diabetes, and 95% of the food dollars we spend in the U.S. go to processed foods…. And I will ask Courtney, “In the face of all this, what gives you hope? What are the promising elements of our lives now – or our lives to come, that keep you going?”

  • Courtney is in Boulder now… a veritable crucible for forward thinking creative folk. What is she working on?

  • And my final question, “As the author of a book on Spirulina, What is the most spirulina you have eaten in a day, and what do you have against chlorella that it has not gotten a book from you?”

We will look at the benefits of healing through the abundance of Juice Feasting, superfoods, and plant-centered nutrition, and finally why Juice Feasting is a MAJOR crucible for genuine evolutionary Life Transformation.