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+ A Powerful energy-building Superfood available all over the planet - but most people don’t know about it.

+ Contains almost every known plant nutrient

+ I laughed the first time I discovered this Superfood - I could not believe I had not been eating it for years.

+ A super 45-MINUTE VIDEO in which I present this Superfood in detail.

+ I am also including my Report on Heart Disease, including information on how you can reverse even terminal cases of this killer of millions of Americans.

+ Loaded with clinical data and all the right resources to inform you on how to heal AND PROTECT your heart.

+ Very clear: a great gift for friends & family

+ The research is in:

+ Big Pharma Lied to YOU

+ Cholesterol is Essential, and is not a cause of Heart Disease

+ Build Healthy Hormones


+ Understand Your Dietary Journey in the Context of a Larger Picture: Your Own Life Development and that of All of Western Society

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+ Mercury is in Everyone, Unfortunately

+ Low Energy, Brain Fog, Inflammation, Irritability, Sexual Dysfunction...

+ Learn the 9-Step Protocol to Detox from MercuryFoods, Superfoods, and Supplements to Protect You for LIFE

+ Your LIFE DEPENDS on Glutathione

+ EVERYONE who has Cancer, Heart Disease, Immune Deficiencies, Memory Loss, Osteoarthritis, Kidney Dysfunction, Heavy Metal Toxicity... IS LOW IN GLUTATHIONE!!!

+ I will Teach YOU How to Raise Your Glutathione, Naturally

+ Your stomach cells require zinc to make hydrochloric acid

+ Low Zinc = High Inflammation

+ Zinc is a MAJOR Anti-Cancer Element

+ Men & Women: Boost Sex Drive with ZInc

+ Learn the BEST TYPE of Supplementation and Superfoods for Zinc


+ I am also including a 1-hour video on one of my most Powerful Coaching Topics: THE HERO’S JOURNEY

+ Over the years, my clients have found this to be a deeply meaningful understanding of their own path of healing, and their whole life.

+ Based on the work of Joseph Campbell

+ Includes an Interview with my Colleague, Angela Stokes-Monarch

+ Understand HyperLearning as a Hero’s Journey, to Set Fire to Your Passion for a Truly Engaged Life of HyperLearning

+ You might be surprised to learn that this widely mass-produced, monocropped bean isn't all its claimed to be - by agribusiness *or* the health industry

+ Find out the true research on Soy, and see the information that I provide my private clients

+ Literally thousands of foods have soy protein, soybean oil, and whole soybeans in them…


You will get in on Questions and Answers with Master Coach, Founder of Juice Feasting, and Author of B-12 Exposed, David Rainoshek, M.A.

This is a powerful opportunity to get your questions answered on a wide range of topics related to B-12 and Nutrition

This is a one-time live group call-in for everyone who has purchased the B-12 Exposed Course.

Call time: the 3rd Saturday of Each Month, at 7:00 am Pacific Standard Time (West Coast USA). Yep, that means I get up early for this one. :)

Topics to Include: Juice Feasting , Vitamin B-12 Supplementation, General Nutrition and Health

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I look forward to talking with you!

Yours in Health,
David Rainoshek, M.A.

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