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==> Introduction to the B-12 Exposed Course

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The Bottom Line, At the Top

One: Most of Us Are Deficient and Don’t Know It
There are Dietary and Biochemical Reasons Why We Are Deficient In B-12
Most Doctors Will Not Test You Properly for Vitamin B-12 Levels (If At All)
We Have Not Been Supplementing B-12 Correctly
You Can Supplement B-12 Correctly
You Can Develop and Maintain a Healthy Body

==> Vitamin B-12: What is It?

B-12 History
B-12 Sources

1. Animal Foods
 Plant Foods
Does Cooking Destroy B-12 Levels in These Foods?
 Probiotics in the Human Gut

Summary on B-12 Sources
Types of B-12 and Supplementation

==> View #1.1: B-12 Deficiency: Risks and Symptoms

Who is at Risk of Low B-12?
B-12 Deficiency is a Mimicker
What are the Signs of B-12 Deficiency?
Disorders With Possible B-12 Deficiency as an Underlying Cause
B-12 Metabolism: Why You May Not Be Getting It
How Quickly Does B-12 Deficiency Develop?
Four Main Reason-Categories for B-12 Deficiency
Causes and Contributing Factors for B-12 Deficiency

Decreased Stomach Acid
Heliobacter Pylori (H-Pylori)

==> View #1.2: Vegetarian, Vegan, & Raw/Vegan Diets: The Research

Study of B-12 Levels in New Vegans
Global Data: Evidence That Low Dietary Animal Protein Can Be a
Contributing Factor to B-12 Deficiency
Three Studies on Raw/Live Vegans and B-12 Status

Homocysteine (Hcy) Levels
Pregnancy and B-12
Breast Cancer and B-12 Levels
Aging: Reasons the Elderly Are at High Risk for Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
Just the Elderly? Nope
Pharmaceutical Drugs that Lower B-12 Levels

The List of Pharmaceuticals That Limit B-12
Antacids and B-12 Deficiency
Diabetes Drug Linked With B-12 Deficiency

Does Cooking Destroy Vitamin B-12 Levels in Foods?

 ==> View #2: A Second Look: B-12 Deficient? Take This Test

Cobalamin Deficiency Criteria Risk (CDR) Score

==> View #3: The Gold Standard for Testing B-12

The Lead Standard: Serum Vitamin B-12 Test
The Gold Standard: Urinary Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) Test
Supporting Role to the Gold Standard: Homocysteine (Hcy) Test

==> Healthy Ranges for B-12 Tests

The Lead Standard: Serum B-12
The Gold Standard Tests
Other Levels You May Want to Know

Breast Milk Levels
Children Urinary MMA Levels (Gold Standard)
Children Serum B-12 Levels (Lead Standard)

==> Three Supplement Protocols for Vitamin B-12

Method #1 (for High CDR Risk)
Method #2 (for Moderate CDR Risk)
Method #3 (for Low CDR Risk)

==> Supplement Options: What You Need to Know

Injections of Vitamin B-12
Transdermal Methylcobalamin B-12 Patches
Sources for Oral B-12

==> Nutrient Interactions with B-12

Vitamin B-6
Vitamin E
Folic Acid
Vitamin C

==> Why is B-12 Deficiency an Epidemic?


Article: “The Mysterious B-12” by Gabriel Cousens, MD
Article: “B-12 Response to Letters” by Gabriel Cousens MD
B-12 Patch Clinical Trial

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