Day 43: Heart Disease and Hypertension

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, M.D.: Reversing Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet, Left for Dead by Dick Quinn, Supplements for a Healthy Heart

Welcome to Day 43!

Heart disease will kill one out of every three Americans. Wow.

According to the American Heart Association, over sixty million Americans currently suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. . .

The most dramatic recent finding is that heart disease can be prevented and even reversed by a healthy diet.

How is your Feast going today? We have some good news for you: what you are doing now – Juice Feasting and getting into a center of gravity of plant-based organic foods – places you in a pool of people who are not at high risk for heart attacks, and do not contribute to heart disease.

In fact, you are reversing heart disease in your body right now. Hard to believe? Cardiologists, surgeons, the pharmaceutical industry -all will tell you that there is only so much that you can do with diet and nutrition when it comes to heart disease. What you are about to learn, is that they are all wrong.

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, M.D.

Don’t take my word for it–listen to an expert in cardiology and heart disease, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, whose website is, and on which you will find one of the most important talks ever given on the subject, seen at right.

As a student at Yale University, Dr. Esselstyn rowed in the 1956 Olympics, winning a gold medal. After being trained at the Cleveland Clinic, he went on to earn the Bronze Star as an army surgeon in the Vietnam War. He then became a highly successful doctor at one of the top medical institutions in the world, the Cleveland Clinic, where he was president of the staff, member of the Board of Governors, chairman of the Breast Cancer Task Force and head of the Section of Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery. Having published over 100 scientific papers, Dr. Esselstyn was named one of the best doctors in America in 1994-1995.

Here is the result of Dr. Esselstyn’s “patient” (actually, a colleague who was an M.D.) before and after eating a plant based diet. Etch this image in your mind. This is what the reversal of heart disease looks like:


Another important video seen at right highlights a student of Dr. Esselstyn who reversed his heart disease using his study and program. This impromptu talk by Peter Lewis was given at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo in 2006.

Heart Disease

Also attached for you is indisputable evidence that heart disease can be reversed through the simple eating of a plant-based diet, as shown by the excerpts from numerous sources in my Heart Disease file for you. I have worked very hard on this file, to bring you the best information out there on this leading cause of death. This is the chart from Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman, M.D. on the amount of unrefined plant foods vs. killer diseases by country:



It does not stop there. You will also read today about hypertension, which usually goes hand in hand with a Standard American Diet of cooked and processed foods. It is totally preventable and reversible simply through a plant-based diet.


Heart Nano-Detox by Premier Research Labs

This file is on an excellent, excellent product by Premier (and I do not work for them or sell their products) which has many of the supportive foods and herbs in it that Dick Quinn speaks of in his book, Left for Dead, and they are herbs and foods which my heart disease students have used in their healing of heart disease. This is very important information. Please do consult your health professional! There are prescription drug considerations which need to be weighed with any powerful nutrition protocol.

Allicin in Garlic – Premier Research Labs

Allicin is one of the active aspects of Garlic which makes it beneficial at so many levels. Garlic is one of the herbs Dick Quinn, author of Left For Dead prescribed himself to heal his heart disease.

If a preview of the book, with the section, “Herbs for the Heart” is not in the downloads yet, it will be soon. This information is too valuable. If you or a friend has life-threatening heart disease, go out and get Left for Dead by Dick Quinn.

What you read today should make you mad–and grateful. Why is there so much heart disease in the U.S., and why do our good doctors not tell us what to do to reverse it, saving over 1 million lives every year? Perhaps they don’t know.

Well, now you will know better than the prevailing wisdom and advice of the medical community at large. You will know how to reverse heart disease, thanks to the good work of Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Dick Quinn, John Robbins, Gabriel Cousens, M.D., and all of us advocating a plant-based diet for the transformation of individuals and society.

We look forward, as always, to hearing from you on the Forums. Have a wonderful day of the best nutrition and health for yourself, period.

Vitamin B-12

Yes, we covered this topic on Day 17, but it is far too important to not re-remind you of it on this Day. Why? Homocysteine and Heart Disease. The higher your homocystein levels, the more likely you are to develop heart disease, and high homocysteine ALWAYS goes with Heart Disease.

Dr. Kilmer S. McCully, Ph. D., M. D., in technical papers and a book: “The Heart Revolution: the Extraordinary Discovery that Finally Laid the Cholesterol Myth to Rest”, Harper Perennial, 2000, wrote: “But no study anywhere has ever proven that lowering the amount of cholesterol in the diet reduces the risk of heart disease. And lowering cholesterol through drugs won’t prevent arteries from hardening if homocysteine is high.” McCully is the discoverer of the fact that the undesirable amino acid called homocysteine is an actual cause of atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

What is the B-12 link? If you are low in Vitamin B-12, your Homocysteine will be high… setting the conditions for Heart Disease… even if you eat a 100% plant-based diet. IN FACT, the more plant-based your diet is, the more likely you are to be LOW in Vitamin B-12.

Therefore, I have re-loaded my book B-12 Exposed in its entirety for your benefit on this important topic.

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Today’s Downloads

Online Articles

The Heart is the Vulnerability of Being by Dr. Mark Sircus

The cornerstone of my life and my work is vulnerability. Seventeen years ago I wrote this chapter about vulnerability and it remains the center of both my psychology and spirituality, which is found in my HeartHealth and Marriage of Souls books. When I say that the heart is the vulnerability of being, I am making a direct connection between what we are calling the heart and our pure being.

New Studies Reveal How Crushed Garlic Is Good For The Heart by Katherine East

Ever wondered what gives you the bad breath after eating garlic? Well it’s a substance called Allicin and when digested, it causes blood cells to release sulphur compounds and these produce tainted breath and for some people even a foul body odor. The good news is that the pungent smelling bulb is now revealing answers to researchers and they are beginning to understand why garlic has so many health benefits and why some consider it to be a super food.

How to Tone Your Blood Vessels and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease by Jack Challem

Personal trainers have long praised the health benefits of toning your muscles. Now, medical researchers are looking at a similar approach for toning of your blood vessels. Think of it as getting really buff blood vessels.So, what’s blood-vessel tone got to do with your health? The better the tone of your blood vessels — your total circulatory system — the less your heart has to work to pump blood. When your heart pumps your blood smoothly, without resistance from your blood vessels, your risk of heart disease drops.

Curcumin Reduces Heart Enlargement and May Prevent Heart Failure by Leslie Dru Browning

Eating curcumin, a natural ingredient in the spice turmeric, may dramatically reduce the chance of developing heart failure, researchers at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the Toronto General Hospital have discovered. In a study entitled, “Curcumin prevents and reverses murine cardiac hypertrophy,” published in the February edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found when the herb is given orally to a variety of mouse models with enlarged hearts (hypertrophy), it can prevent and reverse hypertrophy, restore heart function and reduce scar formation.

Ending the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Myth by Andreas Moritz

Why has there never been a record of cholesterol having blocked a vein in the body! What is it about arteries that makes cholesterol attach itself to their walls, while leaving the veins alone? It is really the sticky nature of cholesterol that is behind the blockage of healthy blood vessel walls? The answers to these questions may surprise you. The body actually uses the lipoprotein cholesterol as a kind of bandage to cover abrasions and tears in damaged arterial walls just as it does it for any other wound. Cholesterol is nothing less than a life-saver. However, for the past thirty-eight years, this lipoprotein has been stigmatized. 

Great Books

Media, Films, & Documentaries

[Interview] Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn on Turning Heart Disease Into a Paper Tiger

Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

If you think heart disease is just a natural part of aging, don’t bet your heart on it. The author of Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, says it’s actually a food-borne illness with a simple cure that even the unhealthiest of people can conquer once and for all.

But you won’t hear that from the government. And you won’t study it in school. In fact, Dr. Esselstyn says this is the one disappointment he has with modern medicine. It’s simply failing its patients. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about it.

You’ll also hear…

• The amazing discovery scientists learned about curing heart disease from Nazis in World War II, and why you’ve probably never heard about it before

• The dark secret your doctor is trying to hide from you about bypasses and stents – and what you need to know before you let anyone cut you open

• Exactly what Dr. Esselstyn says is the one and only way doctors today can adequately treat heart disease (and stop killing their patients)

• The 3 worst foods you’ll never want to eat again because even one bite is like consuming a “fork full of strychnine”

• The ugly truth about the USDA and why Dr. Esselstyn says having them make the food pyramid is like having Al Capone do your taxes

• The exact steps you can take to regain power over your heart disease today

Everyone who eats a traditional western diet has cardiovascular disease right now. And although you may not have a heart attack for 30 years, you will never have a heart attack if you follow Dr. Esselstyn’s advice. And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly what that advice is.

I Am Active

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