Day 46: Tonsils

The Link Between Tonsils, Spleen, and Chronic Fatigue; Your Face Never Lies

Welcome to Day 46!

Congratulations! You are half-way through the Juice Feasting Program! As a seasoned Feaster, I am proud of you for relying on your strength, wisdom, and love to do one of the best things you have ever done for yourself at this important juncture of your life. If you are Juice Feasting at this point, what you can know during this portion of the Juice Feast your body is going to transform health challenges created much earlier in your life. Remember Hering’s Law of Cure:

We heal from the top down, from the inside out, and in the reverse order in which we took on our health challenges.

Your entire being has a limitless healing capacity which is growing ever more apparent as you improve yourself each day through the nutrient dense juices you are accessing, the activities you are introducing, and the valuable information you are absorbing.


Many children and young adults have their tonsils needlessly taken out each year. The medical establishment will tell you that there is no great concern with taking the tonsils out–but this is not true. For one, there is a non-identification with the cause of the problem, and a surgical remedy to somehow fix the symptomology. Number two is the subliminal indoctrination into the mentality that there are certain body organs which are not that important.

As you will see near the top of the file, tonsils are linked with the spleen, and poor spleen health gives way to chronic fatigue. Therefore, taking out the tonsils leads to chronic fatigue, and this knowledge is evidenced by historical evidence and studies.

An excellent description of the tonsils’ important role is related in the 1923 book, Immunity in health; the function of the tonsils and other subepithelial lymphatic glands in the bodily economy by Kenelm Hutchinson Digby:

“Tonsils, Adenoids, and the Appendix are still commonly regarded as useless, even dangerous, relics of a past usefulness (Schafer, 1912). But the investigations recorded in the following pages point in quite another direction, and appear to support the view that these structures should be grouped together into one class of “Subepithelial Lymphatic Glands”; that they constitute important antibacterial weapons and share a great and valuable function in the preservation of health. Evidence will be adduced to show that these subepithelial lymphatic glands are not so much local defenses to strengthen weak spots as organs for the development of general systemic immunity.”

Another example: In the year 1952, England imported from Italy many hundreds of mine workers. Why? Because some 60% of the British youth were without tonsils and consequently constantly too tired for this kind of work. Italy, having the lowest percentage in Europe of ton­sillectomies, had men who were virile and vigorous. Thirty years of study in Italy proved that, sooner or later, tonsillectomies re­duced vigor and vitality in its victims.

The two Calderoli brothers spent 30 years in deep research on the subject, and this is a long enough time to arrive at many unde­niable conclusions. Their conclusions resulted from innumerable studies of victims of tonsillectomies. These studies revealed that young women who were formerly normal in their affection and attraction for young men gradually had their feelings reversed, no longer wanting to have anything to do with them. Wives, who at one time were a closely knit, loving, and attentive member of their family, carefully solicitous of their their social con­tacts and experienced unbearable fatigue. With thirty years of con­sistent proof of this state of affairs, it is evident to me that my own experiences with people simply followed this natural pattern.

Businessmen whose tonsils were afflicted and removed in their adulthood became lax in business, lost interest in children, husband and other family members found themselves easily annoyed and paying little or no attention to their needs and habits. Household duties were neglected. What remained was far less priority for these duties and organizational concerns of the home.

The takeaway today? Tonsils are important. Don’t take them out of kids. If yours are removed, remember the effects and do what you can to support your lymphatic and immune systems!!!

Please share the information in this download with parents you know whose children can benefit!

See you in The Green Room!


If you found the whiteish-yellowish lump on your throat, that might be a tonsil stone. But where does the lump come from? Why do you have it?

Extracting a Tonsil Stone (Tonsillolith). Not for the faint of heart, but instructive on how the body will sequester toxicity and make it ready for removal.

This gentleman has poor oral health created by a poor diet as evidenced by his coated tongue and tonsil stones.

You may have a coated tongue on your Juice Feast, which means your body is releasing a lot through the lymphatic system due to the cleanse. But normally, you should not have such a coated tongue (even though tongue-scraping is a good idea, just like brushing your teeth!)

Juicy Tips

Here are some juiceables that you may not have tried yet:

+ Pomegranate
+ Blueberries
+ Raspberries
+ Blackberries
+ Strawberries

On the berries, it is best to buy frozen, and then thaw the berries out in a glass bowl. Just pour the thawed berries into your nut mylk bag, and squeeze. Combine with any juice - Green or Fruit - for a delicious, high phytonutrient drink!

Today’s Downloads

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Did anyone ever tell you that tonsils have no useful purpose, and that they should be removed during childhood in order to prevent their having to be taken out later in life People were not created with anything that was not useful and necessary. . . So, like every other gland in the body, the tonsils have their part in the economy of the human anatomy, its functions and activities. Those who ascribe this theory do not know what they are talking about. . . READ ON IN THE FILE!

Online Articles

Tonsillectomies cause kids to gain excess weight by S.L. Baker

When kids complain of sore throats and their tonsils appear infected, the condition known as tonsillitis, doctors are often quick to urge the surgical removal of these clumps of lymphatic tissue found on both sides of the throat. Tonsils are also cut out when babies and young children are found to have enlarged tonsils that are sometimes linked to heavy or raspy breathing, especially at night. In fact, tonsillectomy is the most common major surgery performed on children and it’s a huge money-maker for mainstream medicine.

Tonsillectomy Linked to Weight Gain in Kids

Children who have their tonsil surgically removed early in life are significantly more likely to become overweight or obese by age eight, according to a study conducted by researchers from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, and published in the journal Pediatrics.

 Avoid the Tonsillectomy!

A surgical solution for minor tonsil and adenoid problems is not better than simple TLC and waiting, according to a team of Dutch researchers. A study of 300 patients found there was little difference in reduction of symptoms between the 150 children who had tonsillectomies and those that did not. In fact, during the 18 months following the procedures, there was no difference in the groups.

Experts say this research backs the trend of declining tonsillectomies in the United States, which dropped from more than 1 million annually in the 1970s to 250,000 that are now performed each year.

Great Books

By Michio Kushi

After you read this little book, you will likely never look at faces in quite the same way again. This 1983 book, originally published in London, is only 77 pages in length plus 5 pages of suggested readings, info about the writers, and an index. The cover states it is an introduction to oriental diagnosis and what your face reveals about you and your health. The preface explains that oriental diagnosis views the physical and mental aspects of the total person, in addition to the troubled organs or body parts. The analysis includes an interpretation of the person’s lifestyle, including both environmental and social surroundings.

The booklet explains a bit about Yin and Yang, the diet, development of the embryo, sections of the face and the corresponding major body systems (nervous, digestion, and circulation). We look at the structure of the face, where certain lines develop on the face (and their meaning), eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, blinking, the shape and size of the mouth, the relationships of different parts of the lips to the digestive system, the teeth, the ears, the hair, balding in certain areas in relationship to weakness of certain organs, the skin coloration (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, blackness, grey, pallor, transparency, whitedness/white spots, texture, oily, wet) and what each means, lines in the hands, nails, energy meridians in the body, pulses, voice, hearing, handwriting slants, habits, food advice, and giving advice to people.

There is a heck of a lot of info in this book. The down-side is that you will probably find yourself studying obvious lines and characteristics that you see on people, especially if they have a strong influence in your life. The up-side is that you can possibly help yourself by spotting and correcting certain weaknesses before they do permanent damage. You might also be able to help others close to you, if they are willing to listen. If you are a practitioner of some kind, even in subtle energy therapies, you may be able to provide additional information to your clients.

By Norman Walker

Dr. Walker focuses your full attention on this forgotten part of the body. He will lead you on a tour of each vital organ of your body explaining how it is affected by the condition of the large intestine, the colon. Learn how through proper care of the colon you can prevent and experience relief from constipation, asthma, colds, allergies, respiratory disorders, digestive problems and numerous other ailments.

By Kenelm Hutchinson Digby

From the re-publisher: This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process.

We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

I Am Active

Yin Yoga | For Spleen and Stomach

A yin yoga practice for inner thighs and spine to target the spleen & stomach meridians.