Day 49: Family Health 3: Raising Rainbow Children

Integrated Nutrition for Babies And Children, Does a Vegan or Raw/Live Vegan Diet Work for Children?, Milk/Dairy: Conventional Pasteurized vs. Raw Local Organic

Welcome to Day 49!

Today is the final day on food, health, and families, and it goes without saying that we are all very blessed to have this information. Just 10 years ago, there were few books on raising children on a plant-based diet, and none on a raw/living diet. We have come a long way, and we are so pleased to present you with these resources today.

Raising Rainbow Babies

What a blessing it is to nourish our babies with organic living foods that will strengthen them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only is it possible; it is optimal. Babies are so full of life force and develop at such a miraculous rate. A well-balanced, 100% raw, organic diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds provides them with the uncompromised nourishment that will support them in creating a lifetime of well-being. This excellent Appendix from Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. will make much more accessible the best diet possible for the children in your life. The well-researched age-appropriate foods table from the book is below, so that you can immediately begin to appreciate what is involved in this approach. For the actual recipes (around 100), make sure to add Rainbow Green to your kitchen library.


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From the kids' point of view, this short entertaining video provides the what, why, how, and who of Farm to School. Produced by Glory B. Media under the direction of Debra Eschmeyer for the National Farm to School Network.
Wenatchee School District Food Services Farm to Schools program. Helping Students Fall in Love with Real Foods Everyday Video by:

Today’s Downloads

Online Articles

Strict Vegan Diets May Be Dangerous, Especially for Expectant Mothers and Children by Chet Day

Let me say before we jump into the heart of this matter that I believe most people who claim to do well long-term on vegan diets do so because they don’t follow their diets strictly. I believe most of those who claim to thrive long-term on vegan diets occasionally consume animal foods containing essential nutritive factors. I have come to this conclusion based on almost ten years of extensive postal and e-mail correspondence sent to me by individuals who have tried to live on various vegan programs, everything from 100% raw food to fruitarianism to Natural Hygiene to the Hallelujah Diet preached by George Malkmus to Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet.

Without further preliminaries, let me reveal why I now believe vegan diets may be dangerous in the long-term for those who actually follow them strictly and especially so for expectant mothers and children.

Great Books

Media, Films, & Documentaries

[Audio Interview] Tera Warner Interviews Valya Boutenko on How to Feed Your Children Healthily

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Raw food has been Valya Boutenko’s lifestyle since she was eight years old in 1994. Before she changed her diet, she had a serious case of asthma. “Since the day I changed my diet, I have never had an asthmatic attack again. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to suffer with this illness anymore! I will always cherish the freedom of being healthy.”

From a young person’s perspective on having her diet changed in her childhood, Vayla opens up insights into the world of our children- what works and what doesn’t when transitioning them to a healthier way of life. At 23, Valya’s clarity and wisdom come across in this exceptional interview that will have a profound impact on everyone who listens. Valya is an author and filmmaker with a new documentary called, Overcoming the Food Imprint.

Here are a few things discussed in this call:

how to get your kids to like healthier foods.
Valya’s experience as a child being introduced to raw foods (what worked, what didn’t)
results of interviewing 100% of children on what they think about healthy eating (the results will surprise you!)
why children are resistant eating healthy food.
What not to do and what does work work and why!
Food iprint–how to understand your relationship with food, your cravings, etc.
How to inspire your children and understand why they should be eating health

I Am Active

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