Dr. Brian Clement on Juice Feasting

Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

“Juice Feasting is a lovely terminology. Rather than deprivation, fasting, suffering, and all the old terms were out there in the field… I think that the new generation has given us some bright light on the subject.

On the first day people come in and they’re new to this diet, they all think, “I’m going to starve, I can’t do this.” But by the third day, practically everyone, even the big over-eaters, say, “Oh my God! I’m not even hungry!”

If one is Juice Feasting on Green Juices, and particularly sprout juices, they are very high in protein. There is a major biochemical component of protein that will regulate the blood sugar and diminish the desire for food… complete protein juices that are completely digestible go into the bloodstream and regulate the blood sugar, and that is extremely helpful…”

- Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute

Dr. Clement talks about Juice Feasting and the Positive Effects of Raw Foods at a recent Seminar.