The Juice Feasting Dialogues: Angela Stokes on Her 92-Day Juice Feast

Angela Stokes

Angela Stokes

With Juice Feasting Master Coach David Rainoshek’s guidance, Angela Stokes of Raw Reform completed a 92-Day Juice Feast in 2006. The story of her experience is profound.

Angela Stokes of Raw Reform On Juice Feasting:

“When David Rainoshek first started speaking to me about living on just juice for 92 days, I thought it sounded outlandish and totally unrealistic. I was also ready, however, for some deep detox and cleansing of my system. The more I listened to David, the more it started to make sense. Before long I found myself embarking on my own three month Juice Feast with David as my Coach,sharing the journey with the world as I went, via my blog.

I’d already been raw for 4.5 years when I started Feasting – I’d already lost over 160lbs of excess fat and toxins, just from eating raw. Yet I still had a LOT of detox to unfold, having weighed nearly 300lbs at my heaviest, just a few years earlier.

My Juice Feast was a completely phenomenal, life-transforming experience for me. People don’t tend to come out the other side of Juice Feasting for three months without having experienced some pretty major life shifts…and my experience was no exception to this.

I lost a further 18lbs, released a lot more ’emotional baggage’ and was, to my utter surprise, still having solid bowel movements, 92 days into the Juice Feast. . . :O If that doesn’t tell us something about how much waste there is to release from our systems, I’m not sure what would. . .  :) “

Angela Stokes on learning about Juice Feasting from David Rainoshek in Arizona in 2006.

Angela Stokes: “Since my own Juice Feast, I have guided countless others along this path to more vibrant health. I feel Juice Feasting is such an incredible healing tool and thoroughly encourage people to make use of it and set out on their own juicy journey .”