Day 22: Lymphatic System & Rebounding

An Overview of the Lymphatic System; Why the Puffiness is Diminishing on a Juice Feast; Rebounding: The Best Exercise for Your Lymph; The Most Excellent Rebounder Ever

Welcome to Day 22!

If you are feeling better, a relief from your symptoms – if your face is looking less puffy, or the rest of your body for that matter… it is because your lymphatic system is getting a major clearing from Juice Feasting.

Lymphatic System Overview

Your lymphatic system is key to your overall immune health, and one of the main ways it acts to keep your body healthy is by acting as the garbage disposal system of your body.

If you have ever had a cold or flu, you remember feeling pain in your head, sinuses, mucus membranes, and your neck… There are a tremendous number of lymph nodes and channels for lymphatic flow in your neck and chest. When you are sick, or if your body is dealing with a toxic load, there is notable stagnation in these areas and we want to move that out. Juice Feasting does this by:

1. Hydrating your Body (“dilution is the solution to pollution”)
2. Not Adding to Lymph Congestion
3. Providing Your Body with Key Immune Builders to Clear the Lymph
4. Clearing Your Bowels
5. Encouraging Movement (Yoga, Walking, Rebounding)

Note Point #4… clearing your bowels. Your large intestine is downstream from your lymphatic system… if your bowels are stuck or congested (say from constipation or toxemia) then your lymph cannot clear very efficiently. This depresses your immunity and makes you feel sluggish, and more susceptible to sickness and disease.

But, if you clear your bowels through Juice Feasting, then the lymph can dump more of its excess waste and clear out – and you feel better. You also lose weight – water weight held in solution in your lymphatic system. This is why the puffiness in your face and the rest of your body diminishes during a Juice Feast. It is also why there is such a dramatic weight loss in the first weeks of a Feast – you are losing weight from your bowels and your lymph.

Cancer and the Lymph

On Day 31 of the Juice Feasting Nutrition Program we get into Women’s Health, and on Day 39, we look at The Seven Stages of Disease. What do these have to do with Lymph? For women, we will look at breast cancer and the brassiere. Guess what those underwires do? They block the flow of lymphatic fluid… and this reduces the ability of the body to move out toxicity from the breasts… seriously contributing to breast cancer. Katrina took one look at that data… and the underwires and tight bras were GONE.

And this gets to the Seven Stages of Disease. The first two Stages are:

1) Stagnation and
2) Toxemia

A stagnant body – no matter how good the diet – builds up toxicity. And that toxicity leads to a whole host of issues down the line. So wait for it, we will cover it on Day 39, and you will see even more deeply why a clean diet and a Life Practice of knowing how to Juice Feast are essential for reducing and eliminating the progression of the Seven Stages of Disease (the last stage is Cancer).

Rebounding for Lymph Movement

There is no exercise that is so effective for moving your lymph as jumping up and down on a Rebounder. Just 15 minutes a day is all you need to thoroughly move your whole system, leaving you better oxygenated, more fluid, and HAPPY. Who can be unhappy after bouncing up and down on a trampoline for 15 minutes?

Also, note that you have more lymph than blood, yet your lymphatic system has no heart to move the fluid. You must move your body to move your lymphatic fluid. Yoga and walking or running will do it – so will swimming, biking, and playing sports. But the BEST exercise – that is also the most readily available (even on a rainy day) is the rebounder. Just 15 minutes.

The Most Excellent Rebounder Ever

If you have rebounded on your typical 1970s WalMart spring-style rebounder, you have probably noticed a short, arresting bounce that is not all that pleasant. If you have joint issues or pain, it might have been unbearable. Certainly not the experience of jumping on the trampoline as a child.

Well, you can have that childhood trampoline experience in the form of a rebounder. After trying many, many different rebounders, we met rebounding aficionado Sylvia of QiBounding at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, tried her Rebounder that uses flexible bands instead of metal springs, and we were hooked.

The bounce was deep, easy on the body, silent, and you could do it for hours with a smile.

When we first got our Bellicon Rebounder for the 2008 Global Juice Feast, Katrina was so happy with it she bounced continuously for over an hour, laughing a lot of the time.

Enjoy the videos at right, and when you are ready, invest in the best rebounder you can get. We have Sylvia’s Bellicon 44 Mini Gym and we LOVE it.

In fact, we are going to go out and bounce right now (sure to be joined by one of our children)!

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Today’s Downloads

Online Articles

Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Removing lymph nodes from under the arms of breast cancer patients — a surgery that’s been done for 100 years — may be causing more harm than good, doing nothing to improve survival rates or keep cancer from recurring, while increasing the risks of serious complications.

Your Body’s Amazing Filtration System by Prof. Karl West

Our aim should be to understand all of the most pertinent laws of nature and the fascinating forces that are working together to make life possible. Then we should desire to facilitate the forces that work to maintain life as we know it in accordance with those same laws of nature. When we attempt to facilitate natural laws, and we seek to understand and then to work with those laws it is an expression of our faith in nature (or God). The most critical services for renewal of the essential conditions required for healthy cellular function are performed by the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. It is an elementary realization that all degenerative diseases share a diminished capacity of both of these systems to do what only they can do. Each of them involves some level of interference with the role of blood and lymph.

Scientists ‘Rediscover’ the Lymphatic System by Brad Chase

Recently, there appears to have been a renaissance in allopathy regarding the lymphatic system. While many individuals in the health sciences rely on blood tests to determine patient health, current research suggests that healthcare providers also look more deeply into the lymphatic system for clues.

Lymphatic drainage massage by Ellie Maclin

The lymphatic system is a vital bodily defense against infection and disease. Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the best things you can do to help your body help itself. Here, we’ll look at what the lymphatic system does and how targeted massage can keep you healthy.

Five easy ways to detox lymph nodes by Paul Fassa

Everyone knows a sedentary life style, whether as a couch potato, office worker or vehicle operator, is not conducive to good health. If one is ambitious, with enough time he or she will exercise andfocus on the heart, lungs, and/or muscles.

The rediscovery of the lymphatic system by Guillermo Oliver and Michael Detmar

The lymphatic system is composed of a vascular network of thin-walled capillaries that drain protein-rich lymph from the extracellular spaces within most organs. A continuous single-cell layer of overlapping endothelial cells lines the lymphatic capillaries, which lack a continuous basement membrane and are, therefore, highly permeable. Lymph returns to venous circulation via the larger lymphatic collecting vessels, which contain a muscular and adventitial layer, and the thoracic duct. The lymphatic system also includes lymphoid organs such as the lymph nodes, tonsils, Peyer’s patches, spleen, and thymus, all of which play an important role in the immune response.

Bouncing on a rebounder strengthens every cell in the body by Melissa Makris

In addition to its many health benefits, rebounding has one thing that sets it apart from all other exercises. It is the only one that strengthens, cleanses, and tones every cell in the body. Other forms of exercise only strengthen bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Rebounder exercise has the advantage of promoting whole-body wellness. Rebounding tones the body’s internal organs, veins, and arteries, as well as every muscle and every bone all at the same time.

A rebounder is the best exercise for the immune system by Melissa Makris

Not many people have heard of a rebounder, but bouncing on this simple contraption has an amazing number of health benefits. One such benefit is how it strengthens the immune system by quickly and efficiently flushing out the lymphatic system. Blood and lymph are the two types of fluid that flow through the circulatory system. This consists of the cardiovascular system (heart, blood, and blood vessels) and the lymphatic system (lymph, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels).

Reverse urinary incontinence naturally with a rebounder by Melissa Makris

Millions of Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. Not all of them are seniors; even people in their twenties and thirties are faced with loss of bladder control. It is one of the most common chronic medical conditions seen by family physicians, and the number of people affected is growing rapidly. The rebounder can be used as a safe, natural, effective treatment for urinary incontinence.

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