Day 20: Green Superfoods

Chlorella, Spirulina, E3Live AFA, Marine Phytoplankton, Blue/Green Algae

“Gram for Gram, Spirulina could be the most nutritious and well-rounded food on the planet, which stores almost indefinitely.” - Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Welcome to Day 20!

The information today is on Green Superfoods – particularly the blue/green algaes called Chlorella, Spirulina, E3Live (from Klamath Lake in Oregon), and also Marine Phytoplankton. These superfoods are loaded with protein, essential fats, chlorophyll, trace minerals, and serve as chelating agents to detoxify your body of heavy metals, industrial and agrochemicals, and other toxins now present in our environment.

A hallmark of blue/green algaes is their ability to nourish the brain, as you will read in the books and articles below.

The other thing I like about blue/green algaes is that they store incredibly well, making them an excellent food that you can save up for inclement weather and other events that make getting adequate food more difficult. The shelf-life of Spirulina and Chlorella is about 5 years. And full of hard-to-get nutrients.

Spirulina Powder 2.jpg

A Note on Personal Experience with Chlorella, Spirulina, and E3Live

Over the years, I (David Rainoshek) have noticed that I go through dietary phases with each of these superfoods, and in this order:

1. Chlorella

2. Spirulina

3. E3Live

4. back to Chlorella, then Spirulina, then E3Live again

I asked myself for years why this was. I think I now have the answer for you, based on enough experience with these amazing superfoods.

Each one of these foods has a certain wet or dry quality. Chlorella is the driest of the three, and what I mean by that is that for a damp condition, such as holding mucus in your body (which could be due to toxicity), Chlorella will chelate toxins and dry out that mucusy condition.

Spirulina is a great blue/green algae, but encourages the body to hold onto moisture much better. You may even notice its slightly more damp quality when you put it on some food, or even when you have it in a smoothie. Finally, E3Live comes fresh/frozen in its original form from Klamath Lake in Oregon. You thaw it and add it to juices, smoothies, or just drink a shot of it. It is the dampest of the three.

My personal experience with these three is that my system moves through various seasons, each requiring various levels of damp or dry foods coming in to balance my physiology. Therefore, I crave each one of these algaes through either: physiological seasons of my own body, and/or the seasons of the natural environment.

On your Juice Feast, by-and-large experience has shown that of these three, Chlorella works best for helping your body detoxify and dry out excess mucus, and E3Live works well for nourishing the brain, due to the high presence of a nutritional element called AFA, which we will cover later.

If you can only choose one for this Juice Feast, start with Chlorella, and then allow your mind and body to “learn” about these other Green Superfoods as you continue on your evolutionary nutrition and health path. Allright, let’s look some more at each of these blue/green superfoods.


This is one of my favorite superfoods, and I always have it in the superfoody part of our kitchen ready for smoothies and juices. The taste is lighter than Spirulina and E3Live, so it adds well to things if you are just getting into blue/green algaes as a Nutritional Life Practice.

In Prescription for Dietary Wellness, Phyllis A. Balch explains, “Chlorella…contains the highest chlorophyll level per ounce of any plant, as well as protein (nearly 58 percent), carbohydrates, all of the B vitamins, vitamins C and E, amino acids (including all nine essential ones), enzymes and rare trace minerals.”

In fact, Chlorella contains 10 times as much chlorophyll as Spirulina (and Spirulina is chock full of chlorophyll itself).

Another hallmark of Chlorella is its chelating abilities: it takes out heavy metals from your body, most notably: mercury. We are exposed to mercury most often from amalgam fillings, and from eating seafood. Chlorella excels at removing toxic mercury from your body.

Two great articles on this superfood are “Chlorella detoxifies the body by removing mercury and other heavy metals” by Mike Adams, and “Chlorella as a powerful defense against cancer” from NaturalNews writer Dani Veracity. Check them out, along with more great articles on blue/green algaes down below!


The most well-known forms of blue-green algae is Spirulina.

It is an easily assimilable form of protein (65% by weight) and chlorophyll. Spirulina is great for people of all ages, but is particularly good as we age in warding off cancer, building the immune system, and in providing us with a low-calorie protein source that we can readily assimilate.

Spirulina is one of the greatest foods we have available to us – one of the superfoods -that has the potential to be a vehicle for potent individual and collective good. I will be highlighting this superfood in the book I am writing at present, as it is a very intelligent application of natural and human technology.

For many years I have bought Spirulina from Earthrise, a company run by Robert Henrikson, author of the incredible (free) book, Earth Food: Spirulina.

This good man has not only run a profitable business making Spirulina with integrity, but has helped orchestrate the cultivation of Spirulina in the 3rd world to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. Here in the developed world, we are overfed and undernourished. Spirulina is a nutrient dense food that can reverse this reality for us, as well. It is an absolute good.

+ Robert Henrikson Biography

+ Earth Food Spirulina by Robert Henrikson – Excellent Online Version of 6th Edition

+ Spirulina Reference Books

From today’s file:

Do you eat Spirulina? Millions of health conscious people around the world already are. Called a food of the future only 20 years ago, spirulina blue-green algae is shaping food patterns as we approach the next century.

Since 1989, Earth Food Spirulina has been called the definitive popular reference book about spirulina.This 6th edition has been updated by the author, Robert Henrikson. He has pioneered algae as a world resource for 20 years, and was the President of the leading algae company and a director of the world’s largest spirulina farm.

This easy-to-read book has over 160 charts, tables and photos. It takes the reader on a step-by-step adventure:

+ how this 3.6 billion year old life form was rediscovered
 its unusual phytonutrients, antioxidants and functional nutrients
+ how this superfood can benefit your health and energy
 new medical discoveries reveal spirulina’s health benefits
+ how it grows more nutrition per acre than any other food
 how spirulina is grown in the developing world countries
+ how it uses land and water more efficiently than other crops
 what super spirulina extracts to expect in the near future
+ schemes and dreams to restore our planet with micro algae

E3Live AFA

This excellent whole raw, frozen, liquid blue-green algae is rich in nutrients, protein, amino acids, minerals, and chlorophyll. Blue-green algae has been called “nature’s most basic food.” It can help to purify the blood, promote intestinal regularity and naturally help heal the body.

People who eat E3Live report increased and sustained energy levels, alertness, and a strengthened immune system. Supplementing your diet with a teaspoon or more of E3Live each day can ensure optimum nutrition.

Veteran algae eaters notice the difference right away, and those trying algae for the first time are experiencing the amazing benefits of this nutrient-dense raw food. All are impressed by the vitality and purity of E3Live. E3Live retains the vitality, purity and energy of the fresh, live algae. A special proprietary method preserves life-force and nutritional properties without freeze drying, heat, alcohol, or juice concentrate glycerin.

E3Live is harvested in the center of Upper Klamath Lake, far from towns and other possible pollutants. Algae is harvested below the surface of the lake, where it is less likely to have been damaged by the sun. E3Live is only harvested when conditions are optimal and the algae are hearty and flourishing. It is certified organic.

Raw-food physician and noted author Gabriel Cousens, M.D. said about E3Live, “There is no other blue-green algae that is as alive and active as E3Live. Of all the algae preparations coming out of Klamath Lake, E3Live has the strongest positive effects.”

Vitamineral Green and Pure Synergy

These are what we call Green Superfood Powder Complexes. Containing some of the most nutritional and medicinal plants available, complexes such as Vitamineral Green and Pure Synergy can be excellent healing and fortifying upgrades to your Juices during and after your Juice Feast. Both of these are incredible, and both Dr. Cousens and I have integrated these for clients for decades. Usage: Up to 2 Tablespoons of a Green Superfood Powder Complex total per day while Juice Feasting :)

Vitamineral Green is an extremely potent, hard-core, green superfood complex, combining 25 of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet in an easy-to-use powder. Features alkalizing grasses and grass juices, fresh water algae, and sea vegetables loaded with iodine and trace minerals. Vitamineral Green™ offers a unique blend of plant foods not commonly found in our modern diet. By including bio-diverse superfoods like nettles, horsetail, and moringa leaf, as well as non-green powerhouse superfoods like amla berry, ginger root, shilajit and yacon, we’ve created a broad-spectrum, bio-nutritive superfood complex that is truly one of a kind. A long-time fan favorite, Vitamineral Green™ contains only the most micronutrient-rich, cleansing superfoods grown and processed to maximize their benefits.

Pure Synergy has earned a reputation as one of the most comprehensive, effective and respected nutritional formulas in the world. Containing more than 60 unique ingredients that include varieties of powerful algae, grass juices, green vegetables, enzymes, Chinese and Western herbs, Asian mushrooms and phytonutrient-rich fruits and berries, it is far superior to any individual green superfood. The deeply nourishing and cleansing foods in Pure Synergy provide a broad spectrum of valuable micronutrients and antioxidant phytonutrients for vibrant health, sustained energy and mental clarity.

Juice Feasting and Blue/Green Algae

We use approximately 2-10 grams of Chlorella, Spirulina, or E3Live per day on a Juice Feast (that’s 1 Teaspoon up to 2 Tablespoons, powdered or liquid form), and up to 10 grams (2 Tablespoons) per day when we are not cleansing.

Mainly, make sure that what you purchase is in a dark glass or light-proof container for optimum freshness and shelf-life (about 5 years in the fridge). You can eat blue/green algae as a Nutritional Life Practice from now on!

We look forward to seeing you in The Green Room!

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David and Katrina Rainoshek: MicroAlgae Presentation

Theme Music: “Malaguena” by Jose Feliciano.

Chlorella and Spirulina - Which One Should You Take? with Dr. Bob McCauley.

Chlorella - The World's Most Powerful Wholefood

Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about how chlorella can help you detoxify your body and get rid of dangerous heavy metals. Chlorella is one of nature's true super foods which helps you detoxify from heavy metal build-up.

Spirulina: The Amazing Algae

Dr. Clement discusses Blue/Green Algae for Boosting Energy.

Yoga Professional Esak Garcia and E3 Live.

Today’s Downloads

Green Superfoods Report Cover.png

The Green Superfoods Report

by David Rainoshek, M.A.

This file will give you greater insight into Green Superfoods, with the following sections:

+ Spirulina
+ Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Spirulina
+ Spirulina for Resolving Arsenic Poisoning with Dr. Mercola
+ Chlorella
+ Klamath Lake Blue/Green Algae
+ E3Live
+ Dr. Gabriel Cousens Interview on E3Live
+ Green Superfood Powder Concentrates
+ Vitamineral Green
+ Pure Synergy
+ Nature’s First Food

MicroAlgae Recipe Book Cover.png

The MicroAlgae Recipe Book

by David and Katrina Rainoshek

Time-tested Recipes to Access the Green Superfoods Chlorella, Spirulina, and Klamath Lake Algae to further Switch On Your Mind! Enjoy this simple book of amazing goodness!

Spirulina World Food Cover.png

Earth Food: Spirulina

by Robert Henrikson

Called a food of the future only 20 years ago, spirulina blue-green algae is shaping food patterns as we approach the next century. . . Since 1989, Earth Food Spirulina has been called the definitive popular reference book about spirulina. This 4th edition has been updated by the author, Robert Henrikson. He has pioneered algae as a world resource for 20 years, and was the President of the leading algae company and a director of the world’s largest spirulina farm. . . This easy-to-read book has over 160 charts, tables and photos. It takes the reader on a step-by-step adventure: · how this 3.6 billion year old life form was rediscovered . . · its unusual phytonutrients, antioxidants and functional nutrients . . · how this superfood can benefit your health and energy . . · new medical discoveries reveal spirulina’s health benefits . . · how it grows more nutrition per acre than any other food . . · how spirulina is grown in the developing world countries . . · how it uses land and water more efficiently than other crops . . · what super spirulina extracts to expect in the near future . . · schemes and dreams to restore our planet with micro algae . . .

Chlorella Cover.png


Why is Chlorella so famous?

+ Detoxifier: Helps rapidly cleanse the body of harmful toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals.
+ Antioxidant: Awesome help to protect your body’s cells from deadly free radicals.
+ Immuno-stimulant: Quickly helps trigger your body’s own immune system to heal itself, even when cancer is present.
+ Supercharger: Helps supercharge your body to feel younger and more energetic

Blue-Green Algae Cover.png

Blue/Green Algae

Worldwide users report improved health after taking blue-green algae, including:

+ Improved energy and stamina
+ Greater memory and concentration
+ Improved appetite and weight loss
+ Strengthening of the immune system to fight infections better
+ Help with chronic fatigue, poor digestion and allergies

Superfoods Optimum Health Cover.png

Superfoods for Optimum Health – Spirulina and Chlorella

by Mike Adams

Chlorella and spirulina are truly the most astounding food sources on planet Earth. In this special report, you’ll learn about the astonishing health benefits and nutritional achievements of these two foods, and you’ll see why you need to get these into your diet immediately.

Were you aware that both chlorella and spirulina can actually reverse cancer in the human body? Both of these superfoods have been clinically shown to demonstrate stunning preventive and curative properties when it comes to all sorts of cancers.

E3Live Booklet Cover.png

E3Live Booklet

by Michael Saber and Tamera Campbell

We believe a major reason why people don’t feel as happy as they can has LESS to do with what may or may not be happening “on the outside,” and MORE to do with what is happening “on the inside”—at the cellular level. Our mission is to educate and share with as many people as possible the benefits of E3Live AFA nutritional algae, which we believe nourishes and detoxifies the body more than any other food.


+ Our Guarantee
+ Our Philosophy at Vision
+ Endorsements by Health Experts
+ Testimonials from Real People
+ Athletic Performance (E3 Enhanced)
+ Athlete Testimonials
+ What is E3Live?
+ How Can E3Live Benefit Me?
+ How AFA Algae (E3Live) Works
+ How to Defrost and Use E3Live
+ Scientific Research
+ What Nutrients are Found in E3Live?
+ Frequently Asked Questions

Online Articles

Chlorella as a powerful defense against cancer by Dani Veracity

Amazing things truly do come in small packages. One of your most powerful weapons against cancer is chlorella — a unicellular, green algae. This tiny algae packs a powerful punch. In Prescription for Dietary Wellness, Phyllis A. Balch explains, “Chlorella…contains the highest chlorophyll level…

Chlorella detoxifies the body by removing mercury and other heavy metals by Mike Adams

Chlorella can Replace a Closet Full of Expensive Supplements by Barbara L. Minton

Chlorella Reduces Body Fat, Total Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose Levels by Barbara L. Minton

If you are interested in reducing body fat, getting your cholesterol level under control and staying clear of diabetes, chlorella may be just the perfect superfood. Researchers have recently investigated the effects of Chlorella on people with high-risk factors for lifestyle diseases and found that chlorella affects a positive outcome by controlling gene expression. Other new findings have also added to chlorella’s impressive credentials.

Spirulina shown to prevent and treat cancers while boosting immune system function by Dani Veracity

Nature can provide you with valuable weapons against cancer, but like all things, it’s up to you to use them. Although the Japanese have known about and used spirulina for medicinal purposes for years, this form of microalgae is still not “mainstream” in American diets. Spirulina natively grows in alkaline…

Spirulina research shows treatment of breast cancer tumors, HIV virus, and other virusesby Mike Adams

Spirulina: A Budget Friendly Super Food and Answer to Food Scarcity by Barbara L. Minton

Great Books

by Robert Henrikson

David Rainoshek, M.A. : This is one of my favorite nutrition books. Henrikson has studied and worked with spirulina perhaps more than anyone in the world, and his research and knowledge are impeccable. He also has a vision for a world with plentiful spirulina as one element to stem the tide of world hunger and malnutrition.

Please read this book!

by David Sandoval

The definitive guide to green superfoods by one of the world’s leading green foods authorities. Sandoval studied under the tutelage of the famous wheatgrass pioneer Ann Wigmore, and ever since, it has been his life’s passion to help people feel better, live longer, and increase their quality of life with the aid of whole foods. Learn how you can increase your energy, boost your overall health and overcome many illnesses with super green foods like barley grass, wheatgrass, kamut, chlorella, spirulina and others.

by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Conscious Eating has been referred to as the “Bible of Vegetarians,” for both beginners and advanced students of health. This classic work in the field of live-food nutrition is an inspirational journey and a manual for life. Included is new information on enzymes, vegetarian nutrition for pregnancy, and an innovative international 14-day menu of gourmet, Kosher, vegetarian, live-food cuisine, plus 150 recipes. A Must-Have for any nutritional student and their library.

by Paul Pitchford

Used as a reference by students of acupuncture, this is a hefty, truly comprehensive guide to the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine. It’s also a primer on nutrition–including facts about green foods, such as spirulina and blue-green algae, and the “regeneration diets” used by cancer patients and arthritics–along with an inspiring cookbook with more than 300 mostly vegetarian, nutrient-packed recipes.

The information on Chinese medicine is useful for helping to diagnose health imbalances, especially nascent illnesses. It’s smartly paired with the whole-foods program because the Chinese have attributed various health-balancing properties to foods, so you can tailor your diet to help alleviate symptoms of illness. For example, Chinese medicine dictates that someone with low energy and a pale complexion (a yin deficiency) would benefit from avoiding bitter foods and increasing “sweet” foods such as soy, black sesame seeds, parsnips, rice, and oats. (Note that the Chinese definition of sweet foods is much different from the American one!)

Pitchford says in his dedication that he hopes the reader finds “healing, awareness, and peace” from following his program. The diet is certainly acetic by American standards (no alcohol, caffeine, white flour, fried foods, or sugar, and a minimum of eggs and dairy) but the reasons he gives for avoiding these “negative energy” foods are compelling. From the adrenal damage imparted by coffee to immune dysfunction brought on by excess refined sugar, Pitchford spurs you to rethink every dietary choice and its ultimate influence on your health. Without being alarmist, he adds dietary tips for protecting yourself against the dangers of modern life, including neutralizing damage from water fluoridation (thyroid and immune-system problems may result; fluoride is a carcinogen). There’s further reading on food combining, female health, heart disease, pregnancy, fasting, and weight loss. Overall, this is a wonderful book for anyone who’s serious about strengthening his or her body from the inside out.

by Bob McCauley

The body can cure itself of any disease. If you are sick it is because you allow yourself to remain sick. Hydration, alkalization and detoxification are the three keys to preventing and curing us of any disease. Nothing is more important to the body than water and there is no better water for the human body than Ionized Water. It is a powerful antioxidant, as well as extremely alkalizing, hydrating and detoxifying. Fasting with water is the healthiest thing we can do for the body. Spirulina and Chlorella are the two most powerful whole foods in the world. They are perfect proteins and have the broadest array of nutrients of any foods. We should replace our traditional animal protein sources, meat, fish, eggs and dairy with these two nutraceuticals, which, like all raw foods, provide the body with the proper nutrition so the body can heal itself.

Media, Films, & Documentaries

[Audio Course] E3 Live with Tamera Campbell, Part 1

E3Live Nutrient Dense.jpg

[Audio Course] E3 Live with Tamera Campbell, Part 2 (with Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida)

Brian Clement.jpg

[Audio Course] E3 Live with Tamera Campbell, Part 3 (with Dr. Gabriel Cousens of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Arizona)


I Am Active

Yoga Camp - Day 20! This yoga practice offers neck and shoulder hygiene, hip openers and a yoga camp core check-in. Use the alternate nostril breathing to focus on your breath today. Use your breath to find expansion. Build body awareness and cultivate self-love as you increase flexibility and work to live pain-free. I Am WORTHY.