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Thank you for coming on this series about Juice Feasting and The Spectrum of Diet!

What you will find below are some truly excellent interviews about Juice Feasting and Life Transformation with David and Katrina Rainoshek. As you will hear, since 2004 numerous colleagues who practice and support Juice Feasting have engaged in beautiful dialogues with us on this life-saving approach.

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Enjoy listening to these talks as part of your training with Juice Feasting!

Yours in Health,
David and Katrina Rainoshek


Mike Adams, The Health Ranger: Juice Feasting Podcast

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David Rainoshek and Mike Adams Juice Feasting Podcast

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Kevin Gianni Interviews David Rainoshek on Juice Feasting


Nomi Shannon (The Raw Gourmet) Interviews David and Katrina Rainoshek on Juice Feasting

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Laura Fox (Raw Inspirations Radio) Interviews David Rainoshek on Juice Feasting

Tera Warner Interviews David Rainoshek on Juice Feasting

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Tina Marie Interviews David Rainoshek on Juice Feasting

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Dorit Interviews David and Katrina Rainoshek on Juice Feasting

Dorit, former Director of the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival, interviewed us on her international radio program about the Juice Feasting and the 2008 GJF. During the conversation, Dorit said:

"This is a complete return to health and wholeness. During my Juice Feast, I saw my cells being bathed in a way they never had before. I love the program you have put together because it is a complete package. Of all the things that I have seen so far for healing on a physical level, Juice Feasting is the most complete program I have ever seen." - Dorit

If you have heard other interviews with us on Juice Feasting, you will really enjoy this one because we got into some more detail as we were on Day 61 of the Juice Feast. This was an excellent conversation that got into:

  • How David and Katrina got into live foods and Juice Feasting

  • Scientific research on why to move Beyond Dairy (from the largest study ever done on the link between diet and health)

  • Scientific data on why to move Beyond Soy (from a decades-long vegetarian MD!)

  • The importance of Vitamin B-12 and where to get bioavailable sources supplementally.

  • Juice fasting to Juice Feasting: What does this upgrade mean?

  • Conscious birth: New films on birth you won't want to miss

  • Juice Feasting while traveling

  • Protein on a Juice Feast

  • Can a person go straight from a McDiet to Juice Feasting and Plant-Based Foods? Why we can - and recent developments that have made that a possibility that has not existed before.

  • Nutritional and Life Abundance: Switching on and Never Being Bored Again

  • Juice Feasting as a boon for the community of Health Practitioners, Juice Bars, and Organic Farmers

  • Feasting on Juices for children

  • Juice Feasting and what you need to know if you are on pharmaceuticals, including a recent Juice Feaster's results!

  • A NEW POSSIBILITY for getting your Juices cheap(er) and more easily on a Juice Feast.

As you can see that the show is packed and it is free for you to download. We deeply appreciate Dorit having us her show!

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Wellness Panel Interview with David Rainoshek


Deep Foods: A Radio Presentation by David Rainoshek, M.A.


David Rainoshek on The Spectrum of Diet, Parts 1 and 2

This is the advanced course, so to speak! If you are here to learn about Juice Feasting and get started on a Juice Feast, come back to this conversation. The Spectrum of Diet is an important conversation for placing your entire dietary history and journey in a meaningful light, and for discovering where you are headed next.

David Rainoshek developed, and has been professionally coaching clients up and down what he calls The Spectrum of Diet for well over a decade. Enjoy.

That wraps the Talks and Interviews for the Juice Feasting Prep Course. We hope you enjoyed tuning in! If you want more in-depth conversation about Juice Feasting in a seminar, do check out:

The Secret of Juice Feasting Set by David Rainoshek and Mike Adams

And of course, The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program is chock full of exciting presentations and interviews on health, nutrition, ecology, psychology, life transformation, and so much more… so truly, we’re just getting started!

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