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While reading The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell in 2004, it became evident that The Hero’s Journey is a perfect template for explaining the depths of Juice Feasting: a profound life experience for the individual, with significant implications for the world at large.

“In the Hero’s Journey of Juice Feasting, your aim in the beginning is to re-establish health, but upon completion you recognize that Juice Feasting is more than a means to physical renewal—it is the actualization and realization of your highest potential as a human being. The Journey is Awakening itself. You become a modern hero – not in an ego-centered way, but as an individual who, with great compassion born of experience through the trials, transformations, and insights from your own Journey, hears the cries of the world, and offers a way out simply by the virtue of your deep, vibrant, and conscious daily life nourished by food eaten as an Act of Love.”

- DAVID RAINOSHEK, M.A. Juice Feasting: An Integral Hero’s Guide

We have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”

– JOSEPH CAMPBELL, The Hero With A Thousand Faces

Throughout time and across cultures and societies, the hero path in world mythology is a shared, archetypal reality: all cultures understand and are defined, in part, by a common hero’s journey.

Mapped out, it looks like this:


What is most exciting about this is that almost everyone in the western world needs to Juice Feast to help turn the tide of our health challenges and numerous other issues. Yet, we all come from very different backgrounds and life experiences. For years, a major focus of my Juice Feasting work has been how to orient all of us to this incredible solution… in a way that creates peace in each of us, cross-culturally throughout the world.

As we Juice Feast and heal, the myth of the Hero’s Journey serves a template - a map - for what we encounter, touching the deep and universal common ground in all of us.

In his explanation of the need for a more all-embracing mythological orientation for a world of nations and cultures now aware of each other, Joseph Campbell writes in The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology:

“Communities that once were comfortable in the consciousness of their own Mythologically guaranteed godliness find, abruptly, that they are devils in the eyes of their neighbors. Evidently some mythology of a broader, deeper kind than anything envisioned anywhere in the past is now required. . . more sophisticated than the separate visions of the local traditions, wherein those mythologies themselves will be known to be but the masks of a larger—all their shining pantheons but the flickering modes of a ‘timeless schema” that is no schema.”

Juice Feasting can get us back in touch with the deeper aspects of our commonality as we understand our problems individually and globally, and see that our diet and health – how we manage and maintain it – has far more to do with health at every level than we ever were told or realized.

Have no doubt, when you Juice Feast, you are a hero in the greatest sense, for our world needs people who will not “wait for [the] community to cast off its slough of pride, fear, rationalized avarice, and sanctified misunderstanding. . . It is not society that is to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse.” As you are about to read, in terms of physical and mental health alone, western society is in a tight spot, and you may be in an equally challenging position in your life.

Watch This Hero’s Journey Presentation by David Rainoshek: A Must-See

A Juice Feasting Hero’s Journey Letter

“Today is Day 20 of my Juice Feasting, and I felt a strong desire to honor this website. I charged headlong into the most exciting adventure of my life because of the support of this portal to a new dimension. I am transforming so fast I can’t keep track of it all, and that makes me very grateful. I specifically thank you David for giving me the phrase “a hero’s journey”. It explains precisely how I feel. I feel no temptations to “eat” right now because of that journey. Interestingly, because I share the house with extended family, there is cooked and raw food around me constantly, and yet I am literally untouched. In fact, I love to smell it and observe the change in my response to it. Raw foods that didn’t appeal are taking on a new life; I look forward to meeting up with them next year! And cooked foods that used to seem so wonderful, are setting off tiny little alarm bells; the voice of my organs can actually be heard now “Please, not that… we just can’t take it anymore.”

The beauty, strength, and rightness of Juice Feasting is proved to me by the amount of energy and focus I have. This despite that I commute 6 hours a day four days per week, and have a busy schedule outside of work. I have gone from 339 down to 310 in this time, but I’m not dieting. I’m not even struggling. I’m retraining. I’m cleansing. I’m being blessed with the break from “food” that I needed to reset my whole being towards harmony with the gift of food.

Keep up the good work David and Katrina!”

This is your Call to Adventure!

It is a call that will resound to the depths of your being as Katrina and I, and all the Juice Feasters that you join with here – water the seeds of compassion, love, understanding, outrage, potential, faith, and solidity in you to take up the Hero Path to help yourself – and all of us – Turn the Tide.

To heal ourselves and the planet is the Great Call of Our Age; Juice Feasting is the door through which we can walk and significantly transform the major health challenges in ourselves, and in our healing ourselves, the problems we face collectively will all be addressed in dynamic unity.

Getting into Juice Feasting you begin to focus not on who you were, but who you can be; not what you are doing now, but what you have the unique opportunity to be doing in each moment.

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