Juice Feasting™ | The Preparation Course

There is an ongoing debate in the field of health and nutrition as to whether or not we should be using government legislation and oversight to improve people’s health, or leave it up to private citizens to make up their own minds about how best to take care of themselves.

You have heard about the solutions:

From nationalized health care, a prescription drug plan, taking sodas out of the public schools, and suing fast-food restaurants, everyone seems great at coming up with solutions, all of which look like action is being taken, but do little more than treat the symptoms of our health crisis.

Instead, we can use our intelligence to investigate and remove the underlying cause of our health challenges, which we will discuss in the next section on Juice Feasting.

There is a fundamental way to tell whether something in this world is working for good or ill. Things working on the dark side may be used for one purpose that on the surface appears to be good, but in reality, they have many negative consequences. Conversely, when something in this world is working for good and is properly applied, we see not just one positive ramification, but a multitude. As will become clear, conventional practices of farming, food distribution, nutrition, health, and medicine appear advanced, but beneath the veneer of production are numerous undesirable consequences that could prove disastrous, should intelligent corrective action not be taken by politicians and citizens alike.

Since our failing health is so widespread and deeply rooted, we need a solution that has true depth, authenticity, and love at its foundation, one that has not just one positive result but a multitude of positive results, which is. . .

+ Not Just Available, But Accessible to All!

Accessibility is one of our top priorities in the Juice Feasting Program.

An education at Harvard is available to all, but accessible to few—financially, and practically speaking (how many students can live on campus, anyway?). Healing Centers and Retreat Facilities are out there – I’ve worked at one of the best – but there are not nearly enough available to turn the health crisis train around, and the economic realities of running a Healing Center or Retreat make a needed service financially inaccessible to most of the population. Therefore, if a health program is to be one that can truly turn the tide of our growing health crisis, it must be not only available, but accessible. This is why we have created the Juice Feasting Program online.

Anyone can access this valuable information on how to Juice Feast for free. For less than $1 a day, anyone can access the entire 92-Day Juice Feasting Nutrition Program with 1 Year Access. Finally, the produce for a Juice Feast costs only about $5-10 more a day than your average grocery/food bill for. . .

+ Extraordinary Health Results!

This is so exciting! Many of us have truly great health challenges as we enter the Juice Feast. . . we need something that can meet us where we are at.

Successful Juice Feasting students have, over the years, overcome decades of fibromyalgia; back pain requiring surgery; type-II diabetes; heart disease; cancers; hepatitis C; PMS; heavy metal toxicity; depression; acid reflux disease; chronic fatigue; overweight/obesity; sexual challenges; dehydration; malnutrition; chronic underweight; parasites; bloating; candidiasis; adrenal fatigue; the list goes on and on. . .

• skin will clear and glow with health
• your joints will be hydrated and pain free
• your tendons and muscles will become more flexible than you have ever experienced
• you will move through and transform any unhealthy relationships you have with food
• your bowel and intestines will become clean and healthy
• your eyesight may improve
• your breath will become sweet
• your sweat will become sweet too!
• you will clean out your body making it easy for your intentions to manifest in a clear way
• mucus will dissolve and disappear
• you will re-claim control over your own health and well-being
• your sleep will truly become beauty sleep
• and much more!

During the Feast, students lose approximately 1-2 pounds each day for the first 10-14 days, then drop back to ¼ to ½ pound per day for the remainder of the Juice Feast.

And if all this isn’t enough, we also consistently find that Juice Feasters find their energy continues to increase throughout the Program. We would all love more energy to do the things we love, and to spend quality time with the people we love, in our day to day lives!

A recent educator in the elementary schools whom I coached remarked, “If I had not been Juice Feasting, I do not think I would have made it through the semester.” This from someone working 12-14 hour days, in the city at an elementary school. Inside of a semester, decades of chronic fatigue, constipation, sluggish thinking, and morbid obesity were history, which brings us to the next quality we are looking for in a Bona-Fide solution. . .

+ Takes a Short Period of Time!

Think about this. How many years did it take for your health challenges to develop? For most of us, we can think in terms of decades. We do not suddenly “get” anything – the underlying causes take a very long time to develop—a testament to the miraculous resilience of the body in less than optimal conditions. Fortunately, the healthy person we were is still there, waiting to be released if only given permission, and a little time.

Can you imagine if we healed as slowly as we took on our decades-old health challenges? It took me 20 years to develop a full-on case of acid reflux disease, hypoglycemia, and chronic pain everywhere. Yet just three weeks of cleansing, and all of my crippling symptoms had resolved as the underlying causes were transformed and removed! At the end of my first 90-Day Program, I had lost 50+ lbs, and was mistaken over and over for a person nearly half my age!

We are time travelers on a Juice Feast, going back in time about 120 days for every day that we Feast. Let me say that again:

We go back in time approximately 120 days for every day that we Juice Feast!

While drinking the most amazing juice we have ever had, we can resolve decades-old challenges in a small fraction of the time that it took to develop them, and this. . .

+ Can be Accomplished While Going to Work and Spending Time With Family!

Having the time and money necessary to attend a Heath Center or Retreat is a real challenge with the demands of family, finances, and work.

Historically, if someone has wanted to fast to completion to resolve their health challenges, time would need to be taken off work to attend a Center, or to allow enough space on one’s own to deal with the detoxification issues of deep cleansing. Moreover, many people feel weak the first time or two that they fast, due to the heavy toxic load being re-released into their system before exiting. These historical realities of cleansing have made working, taking care of others, and cleansing/fasting incompatible. 

With the age of the Juice Feast, this concern is over. By drinking enough juice to supply your body with every calorie it needs, including all the fat, carbohydrates, protein, enzymes, phytonutrients, water, and minerals you require, Juice Feasting enables you to feel great, work, take care of others, and cleanse at a deep level—enough to reverse many of the most heinous health challenges and leading causes of death today.

Moreover, since you do most of the work of juicing and health maintenance yourself while downloading massive amounts of the best nutritional information ever, Juice Feasting is. . .

+ Promoting Self-Reliance Through Education and Experience!

I joke with my students that after the Feast, I don’t want to see them again.

What I mean is that I see it as my goal to educate everyone about nutrition and cleansing to such an extent that you never need consult someone on nutrition again. You will

• Understand the underlying causes of disease.
• Know what the best resources are out there are.
• Have no doubt in your mind what the best foods available are, and what they do for you.
• Develop confidence through experience in your own ability to heal.
• Be a leader among your family, friends, community, and society.
• Develop a mind on fire, a true super-sponge; your body an understandable thing of beauty; your life—a vibrant conduit for the highest good possible!

All of this goes towards making Juice Feasting. . .

+ Desirable by Persons of Every Persuasion.

We all want excellent health – no one wants to suffer unnecessarily, or witness their loved ones live less than a vibrant and happy life. Whether we are red, white, black, brown, or yellow; Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Jewish, or Hindu; Canadian, American, European, Asian, or from another planet; Republican, Democrat, Anarchist, Socialist, Liberal, or Conservative. . . we all want good health and are tied to the same realities which govern it for worse, or for better!

Juice Feasting Uncovers and Nourishes our Greatest Human Capacities.

Soren Kierkegaard once said, “Our greatest fear is knowing our own true potential.” You have capacities for love, healing, well-being, service, and happiness that are incredible. You no longer need be afraid of knowing your true potential! This in an excellent point for you to watch a film, The Secret, which is fantastic for setting a strong intention and course for yourself as you begin Juice Feasting.

And so we can clearly see a multitude of positive results with Juice Feasting. And don’t be surprised if you come up with a list of you own, personal positive results when you embark on your own Juice Feast!

May your path be blessed!

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