Juice Feasting™ | The Preparation Course

Honoring and Releasing Practice by David Rainoshek, M.A.

This worn-out carpet
recounts a thousand stories
as it unravels.

– Gary Thorp, Sweeping Changes

 Juice Feasting is about more than physical letting go and bodily healing. Most Juice Feasters find themselves wanting to complement their physical healing and bodily health with tuning up other aspects of their lives.

After having spent years consciously letting go of things that no longer serve me, I have developed Honoring and Releasing Practice as a mindful, loving, and life-affirming way of releasing things. This is a Practice inspired by a Zen Master, developed by the Founder of Juice Feasting, and Perfected by YOU.

I hope you enjoy them, and write about some of your releases in The Green Room so that you can inspire others to free themselves with Honoring and Releasing as well.

These Honoring and Releasing practices are first to be read to yourself all the way through, and then practiced in spirit with your own personal things to release.

An excellent second time through on these is to JOURNAL on each of these items in the practice. Writing down what you are processing (preferably on paper) is HIGHLY recommended.

You can download the Honoring and Releasing Practice here.

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