Juice Feasting™ | The Preparation Course

Keeping Track: Your Daily Quick Chart

Keeping track and staying connected has never been more easy or more fun. We have accessed and created some great ways of doing this during the Juice Feast that will make your experience truly excellent and fulfilling.

Use the Daily Quick Journal available to you by clicking the image to the left.

This Journal has been created over 10 years of coaching and personal experience. Many of us want to keep up with how we are doing/what we are doing on the Feast, but do not have the time to keep a full-on journal.

This Daily Quick Journal is on the front of just one sheet of paper, and will help you keep track of things such as:

+ How you are feeling morning, noon, and evening
+ What your daily goals are
+ Hygiene: enemas, skin brushing, oil pulling, hot/cool showers, tongue scraping
+ Juices: what you have made, how much, and the goodies you added in such as green superfoods
+ Add-ins like Vitalzym or a Parasite Cleanse
+ Daily Realizations and Transformations
+ Questions that arise

The Daily Quick Journal also has a second page which has guidelines for your juices, suggested juice recipes, and some things you can remember to do as you enter the Feast, or if you are feeling challenged.

Before you start the Feast, print out first page of the Journal – as many copies as you estimate you are going to Feast. Place them in a binder, and always keep the most recent day at the top so that you can easily access it to make notes. Place it in your daypack or briefcase, and consult it just a couple of times each day. You will enjoy looking back on your progress in the short run, and for years to come.

Also Consider:

Using the Camera on Your Smartphone or Computer. You can video yourself each day of the Feast, and even upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc. etc. If you are not sure that you want to broadcast to the world - but might - just make videos and save them to your device. After your Juice Feast, you can decide which videos you would like to post.

On the 92-Day Juice Feasting Nutrition Program we are posting videos of Juice Feasters on each day of the 92-Day Program. This will mean that soon you will be able to see videos of people on the same day of the Feast that you are on, or look ahead to see how people are doing in the latter part of the Feasting process. If you have great videos, please contact us, and we will look at them and consider them for posting to help encourage everyone in their own Journey.

Blogging. You might consider making a blog on WordPress.com that no one knows about, and release it when you have completed the Feast. Or, post it live! You can set this up for free at WordPress.com.We would love it if you would mention in your blog the Juice Feasting Program as you write about your experiences. Things people want to know are: how you are feeling; what juices you are drinking; shifts in your health challenges; how much weight you have lost; how it is being in the world as a Juice Feaster. Be creative, and send us a link to your blog in the contact form below!

Our Communities. One of the strengths of Juice Feasting is our Global Community. We have created:

+ The Juice Feasting Facebook Group (free)
+ The Juice Feasting Green Room (members of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program; Green Room Members)
+ Global Juice Feast (free)

All so that you can talk about the subjects of the days that you are on, and keep up with fellow Feasters who are on the same section of the Journey as you are. Support, support, support. It is critical.

Video Meetings and Roundtables. We are so lucky to have free phone calling over our computers worldwide with Skype at www.Skype.com, or by using Facebook Messenger. You can share your Skype username or Facebook contact with other Feasters or your Juice Feasting Coach, and with your webcam you can talk face to face absolutely free anywhere in the world for support. All of our Juice Feasting Coaches are encouraged to use these services, so that in their consultation they can speak more personally with their clients. Katrina and I make all of our calls with Skype, and speak over a video connection with all of our clients who have free Skype service.

Download Adobe Reader: Latest Version, here. This is the program we use for all of the Juice Feasting Research Files for download. You can also download these files to your computer for use forever! They are printable. We have used Adobe Acrobat so that the files we have created for you look exactly the same on your computer as they do on ours. They are full of weblinks, follow-up resources, and are the true backbone of the Juice Feasting Program.

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