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Life Practices

The Integral Life Practice Matrix in  Integral Life Practice  by Ken Wilber

The Integral Life Practice Matrix in Integral Life Practice by Ken Wilber

What Are “Life Practices?”

The term “Life Practices” was developed by American philosopher Ken Wilber to describe major practices in your life that you can take to the bank. They are rock-solid, and merit a lifetime of integration and attention, because they are time-tested to be of the highest value to a deeply meaningful life.

The founders of the (in)famous Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California learned an important lesson: no matter how great the workshop, it wears off a short while later. The life-changing insights gained during the weekend seminar become less vivid and usable by the middle of the next week. Even the yearlong retreat wears off by the following spring.

Sustained transformation requires sustained practice. So integrating complementary Life Practices is about cultivating Ways of Being — healthy, growth-producing ways that we take on and keep doing (and refining) for the rest of our lives.

When I (David Rainoshek) coach my clients, I always use this understanding as an overall toolkit idea for the many things we are integrating to improve health. It is a CONTAINER for the practices most important – tried and true – that we can use for the rest of our life.

In this section, we are going to offer some Life Practices to greatly support Juice Feasting that across the board over the years, which been very well received by students of Juice Feasting.


We have an exciting update to the Juice Feasting Program to share with you that is going to add a new depth to your experience, and help in a significant way in working with the mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and growth encouraged by Juice Feasting.

For all the info on Awakened Mind Audio Tracks, go to the Prep Course page linked above.


Big Mind is a special new way to discover, experience and appreciate your life. It’s also a good way of working out the kinks, the stuck places, and the unhealthy patterns that keep us down. Big Mind is a method of self investigation that is straightforward and effective, and it will open your heart and mind to the fullness and richness of life.

You won’t need previous experience. Genpo Roshi leads the process, like only a Zen Master can, with humor, wisdom, compassion and deep sincerity. Big Mind is completely non threatening, safe and fun for young and old.

For more on Big Mind Big Heart Practice, go to the Prep Course page linked below.

Honoring and Releasing Cover.png

Juice Feasting is about more than physical letting go and bodily healing. Most Juice Feasters find themselves wanting to complement their physical healing and bodily health with tuning up other aspects of their lives.

After having spent years consciously letting go of things that no longer serve me, I have developed Honoring and Releasing Practice as a mindful, loving, and life-affirming way of releasing things. This is a Practice inspired by a Zen Master, developed by the Founder of Juice Feasting, and Perfected by YOU.

For more on Honoring and Releasing Practice, go to the Prep Course page linked below.

Throughout the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, we discuss dozens of Life Practices to Integrate in the domains of health, relationships, mental and emotional development, spiritual growth, environmental impact, and of course nutritional life practices.

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